Friday, February 9, 2007

About Those Beads

"Ornament" necklace (SOLD).

How about those beads?? I swear, I've never been so addicted to something before. The act of choosing color, and form, and then literally dancing with molten glass as you're mesmerized by the flame is something I can't live without. Not for very long, anyway. Working with hot glass has been very therapeutic for me as I face all manner of life's challenges (see prior post on our dog Rio). It is a complete and utter escape, with a tangible, palpable "take home prize" when I'm done.

Anyway, here are some things I've made recently. I have a whole slew of new beads awaiting just the right findings, and they'll make their way to the blog when they're married to the perfect piece of jewelry. Look for pictures of juicy Valentine's Day hearts soon.

The top image is of some hollow beads I made as a tribute to the festive nature of the holidays. There are 16 hollow beads (about .5" in diameter) floating on a fine gauge silver knit choker, with a handmade fine silver clasp. Something about it reminds of of the Medeival days.

The next image is some "off-mandrel" leaves (no hole) I did using a new leaf press I got from Arrow Springs. They are lightly etched, and attached to another fine silver knit choker I did using some heavy gauge wire. It's a sturdy piece, to say the least, and not for the faint of heart (SOLD).

The second image is my favorite work from 2006 - the "Canyon" series.

My "Canyon Series" bracelets were inspired by images in a book called "The Hidden Canyon: A River Journey", by photographer and former river guide John Blaustein. The photographs in this book were so beautiful, I just had to find a way to represent their rugged appeal in glass, a fluid in itself.

Each bead suggests some of the remarkable nature along the Colorado River: canyon walls bearing the memory of powerful currents over the centuries, lush backwater pools and smoothly worn river rock, and layer upon layer of history revealed.

This bracelet has another one of my handmade fine silver toggle clasps, and some sterling silver and semi-precious stone accent beads.

The next piece is a charm bracelet that I made for the wife of one of my husband's colleagues (a Christmas present he comissioned me to make for her). It's totally loaded with beads and baubles, the centerpiece of which is a blue heart with scrollwork trim. I think there were probably about 45 or so charm components on this one, at least half of those my lampwork beads, with some sterling and Swarovski accents to complement them.

Well, that's all the eye candy for now. I'll get some photos of my new work up soon.


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