Sunday, February 25, 2007

Art Show News for 2007

My art show calendar for 2007 is shaping right up! I’ve just been accepted into the Saratoga Rotary Club’s annual Art Show on May 6th, and will be at the Mountain Art Guild Art and Wine festival on June 10th and 11th, and the Bargetto Fine Arts Festival on July 7 & 8 this year. Time to get busy. The cold, rainy months of Northern California winter are good for that.

The holidays took their toll on my inventory, but I’m excited about some new more “summery” designs I’m working on (pictures soon). I’ll be doing some new things with fine silver wire (along similar lines as my “Cool Coils” necklace), and some beads done with only ivory colored glass, and silver leaf and foil, which makes some incredibly cool organic patterns in the flame. I’ll also be playing some more with hollow forms, capturing some of the bright, airy colors of the warmer months. Time to play with encased florals again, too.

I seem to do most of my design work when I’m lying in bed, either in the early hours of the morning, or at night while trying to fall asleep. I find it an incredibly productive time where I can hardly keep these creative ideas from flooding my brain. It’s probably why I often have trouble sleeping, but you gotta let the inspiration in when it shows up, right? It’s just such a perfect time to explore these possibilities fully, when there’s no competition from other day to day thoughts.

I promise, pictures soon.

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