Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rio wanted me to pass on some messages to his friends (in no particular order).

1. Thanks to Heidi & Dennis, Art, Tom, Tracie & Melissa, Chad, Gary, Rina, John, Don & Sally & Sean and Linda for hangin’ with me at the house when my mom and dad went places where they couldn’t take me. I enjoyed your company, not to mention the treats.

2. To Digger, the really fast 3 legged dog across the pasture – dude, we almost had a club. You rock.

3. To the UPS, Fed Ex, US Mail, PG & E, and Coast Propane delivery guys – hey, nothing personal, it’s my job, ok? I’m sure you can understand.

4. To Jake, my departed best buddy next door – see you on the other side, dude. Is it really true that the squirrels run slower there?

5. To Purnima, from my mom’s garden club – I’m sorry that I frightened you. See #3.

6. Tom – you were a good friend from the get go, and I’ll miss you (and your darned good treats). Thanks for loving me.

7. For the technician at Wilson’s Veterinary Hospital – I’m sorry that I tried to bite you. It’s just that I thought you were trying to hurt me. Now I know that you guys were all on my side.

8. To the trainer at Saratoga School for Dogs – I know you had doubts about me, but I made it to the Big Time. The off-leash stay. That’s right. Executed perfectly in front of a steaming bowl of human food. I'd like to see one of your obedience school flunkies do THAT.

9. To Jimmy, the driver of the Red Truck – sorry if it pissed you off when I chased your truck, but hey, I take my sport where I can get it. No harm done, right? Besides, if you didn’t want me to chase you, you shouldn’t drive by every day with your dog in the back. Be real.

10. To Gary, my human brother – I’ll miss kissing you goodnight and good morning. Oh yeah, don’t tell your mom, but I slept on your bed when you were gone. Hey, it was low to the ground and easy to get up on. Don’t worry, I bathe.

11. To the kids next door – I’m really sorry about the soccer balls. I thought they were for me. I’d have my mom return them, but they now have a few holes…

12. To the neighbors’ cats. I guess you can come over after I’m gone. My mom thinks that you keep the gophers in check.

13. To the deer. I may be gone, but you still need to STAY OUT of my mom’s gardens. Seriously. I’ll be watching, and I’ll find a way to get you if you don’t.

14. To the possum who played his part perfectly that night that we met outside - you got me once, but you should alert your friends in heaven that I'm wise to the act.

15. To the Barbers - thanks for letting me and my peeps regularly walk on your trail through the redwoods - it was a great new adventure full of good scents every time. It was also a very satisfying place to take a dump.

16. Gary, I'm sorry but I lied. I don't bathe. Something must have freaked me out when I was a puppy. But I smell pretty good for a dog. Must have been the wood chips in my dog house. I love you.

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