Sunday, March 11, 2007


Spring is here in Northern California! As predicted, our temperatures reached the 80's today (more or less), and it was glorious. The clematis armandii (evergreen clematis) outside our kitchen door wafts a heavenly fragrance upon us each time we come and go. The acorn woodpeckers have been visiting in droves, fighting with the bluejays for command of the feeder. Their call is amusing.

We took advantage of the incredible weather to hike the Maguire Peaks trail in the Sunol Regional Wilderness. We went with an amazing friend of ours who actively hikes, travels the world, and generally sucks in life with great gusto at age 71. We worked up an honest sweat, and enjoyed some great conversation on the way up and down the peak, and had a picnic lunch at the top.

As promised, here is another harbinger of first delicious spring beads. I took the picture before Rio's ordeal, after we had an atypical ice storm. Will they become a bracelet? A necklace? Earrings? Let me know what you think. Each one is about 1/2" in diameter, and encased.

Here is what their cousins became, a few weeks ago - a festive 18" necklace with freshwater pearls, one of my own fine silver clasps, and sterling spacer beads. Can you see the stray loose bead in the picture? I guess you can figure out what he wants to be.

All for now. Get off the damned computer (as my husband says), and get out there and enjoy life.


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