Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Weekend

Not much time left to enjoy the fantastic spring snow in the Sierra (that's the dirty white stuff behind my feet in the photo). We got up to Bear Valley on Friday to play in the snow and met awesome conditions – 60 degrees (and then some) in the parking lot, no lift lines, and several hours of good fun.

Here is a picture from last December, in contrast – interestingly we were there on Friday to use lift tickets we had bought back then, when they shut the resort down for high winds.

Hope you enjoyed something green on St. Patty’s Day!

Am hoping to get some new bead pix up soon, but like everyone, I’m drowning in a sea of tax paperwork – ack. Not my favorite thing, but a necessary evil, I suppose.

Also coming soon is a multi-part series on my experiences as an electric car owner and driver. It's the best kept secret around, that you can drive oil and gas free without nary a hiccup in your day. Everyone is thinking about the cost of gas these days, and ways that they can help reduce global warming, and this story is too good not to tell. Stay tuned.

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