Monday, April 23, 2007

Annual Sojourn to Baja

We just returned from a very restful vacation in Baja, where we fished in the Sea of Cortez, hiked, and generally soaked up all that we could of the bountiful sunshine and rugged beauty of this desert paradise.

This logistically intense trip was made a bit more complicated this year since some of us flew, and the rest drove the truck down with the boat, but everything went off smoothly. Our friends brought their black lab Annie, and it was nice to be around canine company again.

The fishing in the Sea of Cortez continues to decline due to the shrimp trawlers and lack of enforcement of the fishing rules, but we were lucky to see plenty of fascinating sea life. Whales, dolphins, rays (mobulae), jellyfish, sea turtles, birds - all were in fair abundance and made for some amazing sights. Have you ever seen rays jumping out of the water like popcorn? It's almost comical.

My favorite part is when the dolphins seek us out as we're motoring somewhere to fish, usually in the early am. They home in on the sound of our boat motor, and seem to come from all directions to frolic in the wake off of the bow. You can't help but smile as you catch their upturned eye through mere inches of water as they move like warm blooded torpedos through the water.

It was warmer this year, since we went a bit later than we normally do, and it was a bit tough to sleep on a couple of nights (could have been the down bags - note to self: get a summer weight sleeping bag!). But all in all we can't complain about the weather, or the seas, which were generally favorable.

Plenty of sunshine, rest, relaxation, good food and good company has prepared us for the busy spring and summer to come. Now it's back to business.

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