Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh Deer!

I guess I was too hasty in admiring my lovely 'Johnson's Blue' geranium - evidently someone else was admiring it too, and tonight I discovered that it had become an appetizer. Luckily I got a new Scarecrow to replace the three year old one that got broken over the winter, and soon the rose garden area will be safe. Those things really work! It also provides lots of great entertainment value when (you or) your friends wander into its line of sight and get blasted with the hose (sorry Yinka!). Seriously, try it - as a mountain resident in an area thick with deer I've tried lots of methods, and short of springing for an 8' tall fence, this is a great, economical solution.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Elusive Balance

Since my last post my life has been a whirlwind of travel, slow recovery from what I now suspect is acute bronchitis, and attention to chores undone. My romance with molten glass has caused a slow, but definite disruption in the delicate homeostasis of my life, and I'm trying to restore the balance. Of course, I'm working on a few things for the Mountain Art Guild Show in June, but they're just not at the top of my list right now.

Hope is in sight. I've had a quiet holiday weekend at home, attending to my health, the garden, and our home, and I'm seeing some progress in all. Our coastal mountain range seems to have settled back into our typical summer weather pattern, with cool, foggy nights, with spectacularly great temperate days where the sun appears somewhere just before noon. While the tomato plants would probably prefer hotter, brighter days, all of our other botanical pals outside are really appreciative of the moisture.

One of my recent travels took us to see friends in the Bellingham, WA area - a place my husband knows and loves well, but I have not visited. One friend is a professional landscaper, with an incredible showcase garden at his home. The rhododendrons and azalea were in utmost splendor while we were there. Jeff has also enjoyed a few moments of fame recently, after rescuing a capsized kayaker from a local lake, all while being filmed from a helicopter by a local news station. He and his assistant literally saved the guy's life.

There is an incredible rose in my garden that I'd like to identify (see photo at top). A few people who have seen it think it might be a Peace rose, but I'm not sure. Since cutting down a nearby tree it has become just massive in size, and the profuse blooms are breathtaking.

This spring the "La Vie en Rose" bearded iris I won at the Master Gardener's raffle a couple of years ago finally bloomed. It's nice in contrast to my other irises which are mostly lavender.

My "Johnson's Blue" geranium actually survived last year's near-homicide by a hungry rabbit, and is creating a nice contrast against the bronze sedge and the bacopa nearby.

Finally, the nigella reseeded itself all through the cracks in the garden walkway, and is looking great.

Finally, I'm buoyed to hear that the whales are slowly making their way back to the ocean. I guess the Rio Vista area has been overwhelmed with visitors this weekend trying to get a closer look at the duo. The real effort to herd them back to sea is supposed to start tomorrow.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Down for the Count

Well, not surprisingly, the long hours I’ve been keeping have taken their toll, and I’m down with a spring cold. It has settled into my chest, and it’s all I can manage to get lots of sleep, and take care of the basics. Home and work chores remain undone as I hack away.

But I got good news in the mail yesterday – I’ve been accepted into a the Bargetto Fine Arts Festival at their winery in Soquel on July 7 & 8. My friend Joyce had good things to say about the show, and it promises to be a delightful summer event just after the holiday.

Meanwhile, I thought I would post some shots of recent work, taken in the last couple of weeks. Now, forgive me while I crawl back to bed.

"Surfer Girl" series bracelet with brown and blue floral and stacked dot beads, sterling spacers and handmade fine silver clasp.

"Silver Play Noir" bracelet with grey and white lamwork beads, sparkly rondelles, and my own clasp.

"Sunny" wire wrapped fine silver choker with yellow, coral, and green lampwork beads.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Thanks to all for a great show!

I had a great show on Sunday! It’s taken me this long to recover and get around to posting an update. I sprained my ankle on Friday morning on a slick floor, which only made the frantic show prep and disassembly process a little more painful and laborious, but I’m recovering. I was glad to be a Jacuzzi owner when Sunday evening came around. My wonderful DH (darling husband) knew I’d be worthless and made me a delectable dinner, which I eagerly consumed after my long-awaited soak.

I am totally impressed with the Saratoga Rotary organization. They ran a great show on Sunday, and I had a wonderful time. It was a lot of work getting ready, and it was hot, and windy at times, but all in all it was fabulous. While I didn’t get very far from my booth to check out many of the 170 artists there, I hear that the overall quality was excellent and I was blown away by the attendance.

Good organization can make a world of difference to the experience from an artist’s perspective, and I can tell you that this aspect was just great. I was not bombarded with emails, confused about times, locations, or procedures, and I think I received only 1 or 2 snail mails from them from start to finish. They came by throughout the day with water, meals, and offers of assistance. My hat is off to you, Saratoga Rotary, and you and your organization deserve every penny of what you earn. If you’re curious about the Rotary Club’s international efforts, please check them out at My late father was a member of this honorable group, and I feel great about leveraging my artistic talents to contribute to their causes.

Thanks to my many friends who stopped by to see what I’ve been up to (the reason why I’ve been such a hermit lately!), and also to all of my loyal customers who have supported my habit, er, career, by investing in my wearable art or offering me encouragement.

My friend Joyce, who was in the show as well, sent her mother over at one point with some home made cookies – they were a big hit and it was so sweet of her to do this. When she arrived my friend Frank was there with his 2 ½ year old daughter, who connected with the goods (cookies) right away. And I don’t know what I would have done without my dear friend Linda, who was there from the start through the break-down and haul-out – I love you girl!

If you intended to make this show but didn't manage to, I'll be at the Mountain Art Guild's Art and Wine show next month, on June 9 and 10.

And finally, for anyone who's been trying to send me email at my website, hang in there, I'm having my host help me figure out what's wrong. I fear that it's been partially broken for some time. Leave a comment here if you're one of those folks.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Fresh green things are sprouting

inside my studio and out. The rainy season's last attempt to feed the soil for the dry summer to come is nearly finished. Inside, I'm finding that many of my creations are echoing nature's palette.

This is a longer length choker style necklace, with one of my two holed pillow beads in stratified layers of green, with some semi-precious stone, sterling silver, and freshwater pearl accents (SOLD). Look for it on Sunday, and possibly after that on my (finally up!) home grown website. I think I set the world record for owning a domain name and having a half-completed site up - sorry to those who had to suffer through that. But it's up now, and I'll do my best to keep my gallery current, but check here as well if you want to know what's coming out of the kiln.

Have a great weekend, and Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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