Sunday, June 24, 2007

About that balance thing...

Greetings! Since my last post I've been here and there, but mostly continuing my quest for that elusive elixir called balance. Here are some highlights.

About a week ago we took a long weekend to visit friends up in a tiny coastal town called Trinidad, near Arcata. The agenda was about fishing for salmon, clamming, crabbing, and generally exercising our (ok, the men's) hunter-gatherer instincts. I had the thrill of reeling in a beautiful Chinook (King) salmon, which at 28 lbs was no easy thing to do. He fought long and hard, and after about 15 minutes he was landed.

Heidi and I skipped the clamming (something about the waist high Humboldt mud made me think it might not make my day), and instead had some very nice beach walks with their dog Annie (yes, same black lab who accompanied us to Baja). The shot above is from Agate Beach, where everyone walks with their eyes glued to the ground looking for tiny nuggets of the beach's namesake rock. Mostly what we found were PWRs, or "Pretty White Rocks", as Heidi has named them. It was a relaxing weekend.

I've also been busy at the torch, in between attempts to resuscitate my garden-in-distress. I had my share of challenges just getting down to melting glass. First I find that someone forgot to clean and dip mandrels after their last torch session, then I'm out of this color or that, and then my @#$ flip-up magnifying glasses broke down the bridge, leaving me with no easy way to see what I was doing. One day I limped through a few hours of beadmaking with my glasses literally superglued and taped together. I ordered some of those press on lenses that adhere with water to the inside of any pair of glasses, and just as I fired up the kiln Saturday, the UPS guy arrived with the lenses. How cool was that? I applied them and started using them before they had dried. After six hours at the torch I had a raging headache due to the blurry vision - the instructions said to let the lenses dry for 12 hours before using. So much for instructions.

I've got one more show scheduled for the summer, a wine tasting and fine arts event on July 7 & 8 at Bargetto winery, and need to replenish my stock of lampwork bead pendants and earrings, which were generally hammered by the Mountain Art Guild show. I'm thrilled that my friend Linda plans to help me there at least one of the two days. Woo hoo!

I'll post pictures of my new beads soon - in the offering will be some organic squeezed earrings in more neutral tones to complement some of my new bracelets, and some groovy hollow sphere earrings as well. I'm rapidly plowing through my stash of silver leaf and foil, and will have to restock really soon - most of my new stuff seems to use tons of it. I'm also thrilled with a new color reaction I've found with ASK 104's silver cinnamon - way cool. Pictures soon...

Have a fabulous start to your week!

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