Sunday, June 3, 2007

Another Show on the Way

Have had a busy weekend preparing for next weekend's Mountain Art Guild Show - more fancy clasps and some mind blowing lampwork beads are on their way. See pictures below of some new beads. But my question to you is, why should a clasp be merely functional? Why can't it be part of the main event?

My DH was treated to a different kind of show. He spent the better part of the day fishing for halibut on Monterey Bay, but instead what he caught were some incredible moments (and a few videos) among a huge number of whales. It was quite a day for whale watching out there with groups of them all around the boat, putting on quite a show with breaches and all.

Above: new neutral toned squeezed beads lavishly endowed with silver and reactive glass.

I'm having lots of fun with organic shapes and patterns.

What is it with the neutrals lately? I seem really drawn to them.

I made these festive hollow lampwork beads a couple of months ago and am waiting for inspiration...Pillows in neutral tones. Destined to be a fabulous bracelet by the end of the day.

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