Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Very Wine Weekend

I had a great time at the show last weekend, and once again want to thank my loyal friends and clients who show up, check out all of the art, and generally make my day. As always, it was bittersweet because I had to bid farewell to a number the jewelry pieces I'm attached to, but I think they're all going to good homes.

We had some great entertainment, between a Hawaiian band on Saturday, PLUS a real live wedding, and then a Middle Eastern group on Sunday. Way cool. And Bargetto's wine offerings were fabulous, as were their sale prices for the event. My friend Linda was there in force (as always), helping me with everything, and she brought some delicious munchies.

Now, about those cookies I put out - as one of the browser's children noticed, YES, they were token gestures, and NO, don't be expecting that every time. I need to periodically practice my domestic skills, and now I've proven to myself (not to mention a number of astonished friends and family members) that I do indeed remember how to cook.

Several of my hallmark pieces sold this year, the Ornament choker, the Autumn Leaves necklace, and some of my favorite bracelets, which means that the creative press is on! And for some reason I can't seem to keep a Cosmos necklace in stock - they get snatched up as fast as I can make them. But I'm taking the rest of the summer off from shows, and you won't be seeing many of my wild ideas (at least in that forum) for a while - I'll post stuff here but won't be out and about schlepping a canopy around.

Got to scoot - will be at the torch this weekend so look for updates on Sunday or Monday!

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