Sunday, August 26, 2007

New work and travel update

"Petra" 28" necklace, 18 lampwork beads in earthy, mystical tones and patterns, topaz Swarovski crystals, 13 fine silver hammered rings, custom fine silver clasp. $195. Coordinating 1 3/4 inch "Petra" earrings. $35.

Mellonious Spheres, hollow lampwork earrings. $35. 3/4" x 5/8" diameter.

Lilac Sputnik earrings, $35. 3/4" diameter.

Lots to update you on, so I'll just skim the highlights. A few beads, many travels, countless memories of precious moments with loved ones.

The newest version of Beach Blanket Babylon up in North Beach is fantastic! They now have a Nancy Pelosi character as "leader of the pack" of women lawmakers making a difference in California (to include Boxer and Feinstein). A must see if you're in SF. Mom loved the show and the brief time we spent exploring San Francisco, and a later tour of the wind tunnels at NASA Ames were definitely a high point. Freshly caught grilled salmon with homemade pesto and shared with friends and family capped off a wonderful time.

Had time to play at the beach with my son (ok, so he got more wave time than I did, but someone's got to document it all!), went backpacking in the Caribou Wilderness, and hiked into Lassen's Bumpass Hell area. Lassen is a breathtaking place to visit, and the active thermal areas are amazingly colorful and beautiful. Other high (or low) lights included seeing friends in Oregon, a trip to the ER for an unexplained case of allergic hives, exploring the performance envelope of the potato gun we built last Christmas, and some R/C helicopter flights. Yukon gold offer more than just good taste when it comes to ballistics, we found.

School starts very soon, and we'll be into our fall pattern of incredible weather, shortening days, and thoughts of holidays to come. Starting today some long awaited torch time will return to my schedule, and I'll keep you posted on new ideas.

I haven't settled on my fall/holiday show schedule yet, but likely I'll do one or two events in November and December.

Enjoy the waning days of summer while you can!

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