Tuesday, October 30, 2007

YES, I felt it!

Rock and roll! My third California quake experience was, um, HELLO - a bit frightening! A 5.6 - I think that's a personal best for me. I was home alone, standing at the kitchen counter, on the computer, just about ready to head out to my torch, when it started. Like a drunk's last memories of a night on the town, the bar moved under my arms, and my brain's Dizziness Generator kicked in. I found it hard to stand up without hanging onto something. Like the last one (a 5.something near Santa Cruz, when I was out having dinner with a friend), I just stood there with my jaw open, looking at the house surrounding me move like I was in some kind of RV on a Route 66 or something.

I looked at the nearest doorway, and wondered if I should go and stand under it. I guess I'm going to be one of those people who have to get hit on the head with plaster before they learn the drill. Before I could make a decision it came to an end, after only about 10 or 15 seconds. Whoah. As soon as it stopped I reached for my cell phone to make some calls, but the lines were all jammed already. I finally did get through to a friend in Milpitas, and left a voicemail saying that I hoped they were ok.

All for now.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Life, As Usual

Have you seen any of Theo Jansen's amazing kinetic sculptures? A friend sent me this link to a recent talk Theo gave at the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference in Monterey. Science and art meshing comfortably together once again. This YouTube video features his work in a BMW commercial.

Today was spent recovering from too much travel, and catching up (or trying to) on chores. As always, my favorite power tool of accomplishment is my leaf blower. It's electric, so not as obnoxious and polluting as the gas-powered ones, but I'm semi-ashamed to admit that nothing gives me the same rush of accomplishment as the sight of gutters clearing and the sea of tree debris parting before my very eyes. Let the rain come.

The machine of creative progress is slowly turning as well, with ideas coming to life for my upcoming shows. The On and Off the Wall gallery show is coming up November 7-17 at the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center in Ben Lomond, CA. I'll also be at Bargetto Winery's Art in the Cellars on December 1 & 2 in Soquel, CA. If you're in the area, stop by the winery for a glass of their wonderful wine and a very festive shopping experience.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Fun Day in the Studio

Joyce demonstrating metal corrugation

I'm exhausted after a super fun day helping Joyce at her Open Studio event, and combining creative forces for a collaborative piece. We had an irregular stream of visitors throughout the day, with plenty of breaks to enjoy the peaceful country setting.

When Joyce wasn't demonstrating her metal corrugation process, her hydraulic press, her anodizing setup, or her metal clay process, we observed a garden spider wrapping up and devouring a cricket.

And I'm totally smitten with her two puppies - who wouldn't be? My canine mother hormones are telling me it might be time to take the plunge again...


Santa Cruz Open Studios

Puffer fish pendant by my friend Joyce.

Things are starting to ramp up around here again - fall and winter shows lining up (more info very soon), my electroforming kit has arrived, an upcoming trip to Israel, and this weekend I'm hanging with my friend Joyce in her Santa Cruz studio during the Open Studios tours. When we're not busy with visitors we'll be brainstorming a collaborative effort. I'll take photos and post some tomorrow.

Oh yeah, this will be the first time I get to meet their newest family members, Charlie and Bandit - I can't wait!


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