Monday, November 26, 2007

New Work and Show This Weekend!

OK, so I don't put stuff on Etsy as often as I'd like (a good New Year's Resolution!), but I've got tons of new work in process as I'm getting ready for my show at Bargetto Winery this weekend. Come on down and check it out! Enjoy a glass of wine and a delightful holiday shopping experience (unlike the mall).

First I've got some more bracelets from my "Outback" series, in lavender and blue (and the warm apricot hued one above), but the blue one has already found a home (sniff!). The clasps on these (fine silver) turned out great, and are significant.

Then there's another piece in my "Silver Play" series that I was really pleased with. Simple and neat, but unfortunately, it's also GONE already. Stay tuned for more of this - it's just too much fun not to do again. Fused fine silver rings in several sizes, sterling silver chain, and variations on the ivory Moretty and silver leaf trick. It's kind of funky and unpredictable, and very glamorous (in an earthy way, of course!) in the early morning light, don't you think?

Look for these pieces and more (tons of earrings!) this weekend at Bargetto, plus some very new, very exciting, very different focals that were inspired by Michael Barley's Baleen beads, plus thoughts about transformation and new life. How's that for mysterious? Photos of those very soon.

If I don't see you at Bargetto, have a wonderful Christmas! I may sneak some stuff onto Etsy between my show and the holidays, you never know.



loribeads - lori peterson said...

Hi Patty!
Your work is wonderful and I really enjoyed reading about your trip to Israel. Good luck on your show!!
Love, Lori (in nearby San Jose!)

Patty said...

Hi Lori!

Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, Israel was very cool, and I hope to get back there sometime.

I'm thinking we may have crossed paths at least once, maybe at an ISGB NorCal meeting, or something? Next time you're planning to attend an event at Arrow Springs, let me know if you'd like to carpool or something. And certainly, if you're near Soquel this weekend, stop by Bargetto and say Hi!

BTW, your beads are *way* cute!

Take care,

Patty said...

OH! Lori - and how could I forget to mention that your post about the soldering iron follies totally _cracked me up_. I recall attempting a similar project a couple of years ago with some garden club friends. It sounded simple enough: two thin pieces of glass (microscope slides), dried pressed flowers in between, some stained glass foil and solder and we would soon be on our way to some fabulous crafts. You got it - wasn't no way we were going to get the hang of it. Maybe that's why I make beads and don't do stained glass...?

loribeads said...

Ha! Yes, those darn soldering irons are a bit tricky.

I hope your show was an outstanding success!!! We definitely should get together sometime.

Love, Lori


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