Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh My Gosh is it a New Year already???

I guess I've been so busy updating my Etsy Shop that I forgot to update my blog. And then there was the huge storm earlier this month. I could lie and say we were without power for weeks, but we were actually lucky to be down for only 2 days, and with a generator as well, so no big sacrifice. Sometimes I think it's more fun to try and do without, to remind yourself how much we take for granted. But then I get the urge to melt glass, or get on the internet, or watch something on tv, and my Laura Ingalls fantasies vanish pretty quickly.

This was one incredible storm, and the damage up here in the Santa Cruz Mountains was significant. Just small limbs down for us, but a number of folks had trees come down, and one family I heard about had a car smashed by a falling tree. Apparently the wind was clocked at 100 mph.

Isn't this image of the 1/5/08 storm spectacular? It looked just like a hurricane.

OK, enough blathering, here it is. I've been busy taking photos (indoors!), applying and jurying for some summer shows, and making new beads. I've got quite a few new things up on Etsy, and here's a sneak peak. I plan to return to outdoor photography as soon as the sun gets high enough in the sky.

My first series was inspired by the huge storm (hey, why don't we get to name it?) that hit the West Coast the weekend of January 5. It was actually several storms all packed together. These are all focal lentil beads up on Etsy tonight.

Storm at Sea (SOLD).

Second Wave

The next bead was made with a number of different flavors of violet (my color of the month!), and some shards I made with dark silver plum and silvered ivory, and some Double Helix Gaia glass. It reminded me of a nebula, with new stars bursting to life on both sides of the bead.

M16 Eagle Nebula Side 1

M16 Eagle Nebula Side 2

Watch this brief video clip of the M16 Nebula on a Starry Night (only 14 seconds), and see what you think.

I found the coolest jewelry artist on Etsy - Cyndie Smith Designs, and check out this fabulous leaf cuff.

I love the scrunched copper combined with the silver leaves. Better check it out before I buy it!

All for now, and don't forget to check my Etsy store tomorrow for more beads.


yogafemme said...

Oh, what a yummy set of stormy/nebula beads. I just want to fall into their depths!

Patty said...

Hey Patricia, yeah, there are quite a few layers there, huh? Can you believe this RAIN???


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