Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Work and Fire News

"Cosmic Ascent" focal lampwork bead (SOLD).

We've had a bit of excitement here lately with the Summit Fire...a little close for comfort, but we're fine. Another reminder to get the brush cleared away from the house, although one guy with a concrete home, metal roof, and 300' of cleared space lost his home to this inferno. One former Mountain Art Guild member lost his hand-built home - a very sad and touching story about this is in the local paper. Our fire season is not supposed to start until the late summer, but our lack of rain this spring has made things very dry. Be safe where you are.

I've got some new work on Etsy - the lovely focal lentil bead shown above, and some bracelets too. Come visit and shop.

"Silver Play Nugget" lampwork glass and fine silver bracelet, (SOLD).

"Industrial Lynxx" lampwork and fine silver bracelet, (SOLD).

"Verdi Bleu" lampwork and silver bracelet, now in my Etsy shop.

Have a happy and safe weekend, and please try to avoid lighting fires, unless of course you're making beads or having a BBQ.

WAIT! I almost forgot the most important news of all! There is a new canine in our lives, and his name is Bodie. Come meet him on his new blog. Can you believe that some people left him behind when their home was foreclosed on? Apparently this economy has made this an all-too-frequent occurrence these days. Fortunately the neighbors called Lab Rescue, and he's made a fresh start. I am a dog mom again (contented sigh).


Karolen said...

I saw your beautiful Canyon beads in Heidi's "Reducing Gas" Etsy treasury. I hope the fire stays away from your house... the forest fire that is. Keep on torchin', your beads and jewelry are gorgeous!

Patty said...

Good morning Karolen!

Thanks for the good thoughts. I'm watching this fire creep slowly our way, but am confident that all of the firefighters will succeed in knocking it down. Yesterday when I was walking our dog there was a procession of firetrucks heading away from the fire on our road, from some very far away places, and I just wanted to either blow them a kiss or salute. I settled for a smile and a wave. They do amazing work in this rugged terrain.

You should think about joining LEST!

Take care,

Karolen said...

I've heard in the news that the fire is getting under control and I hope all is well at your house.
We had a fire here in Sedona a couple of years ago, and the firefighters were our local heroes. It was like a spontaneous parade would erupt every time they drove down the street! Everyone waved and there were flags and signs everywhere thanking them. It is truly amazing the work they do on those steep mountains.

Karolen said...

forgot to add... I've wanted to join LEST but I don't know that I have the time to commit to it. I will look into it again.


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