Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Going Dotty!

Had a delicious long stretch at the torch yesterday, and was very productive. Interestingly, many of my beads sported dots. Not just the usual few, but lots o dots. Hmmm. See three of them in my Etsy store now, and stay tuned for more listings soon as I catch up with photo editing and listing data. The Rustika series are based on techniques I learned in a class with Jennifer Geldard, an amazing artist.

"Rustika 2" (SOLD).

And Linda, your Outback earrings are in the mail tomorrow! I had so much fun making them that I'm going to do some more of these.

"Outback" series beads in green.

And my friend and fellow Etsian Cyndie Smith has done it again - she made this incredible necklace with one of my focal lentil beads:

She is offering this necklace and the Amazon Warrior collar necklace in her Etsy shop, and you can customize it with a bead of your very own choosing. Cyndie, you're amazing!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Show Update and Wild Things

Time is short so this won't be long, but I just wanted to report that I had a fabulous time (again) at the Bargetto Fine Arts Festival last weekend. Amazing weather, wonderful art, lots of friends and customers dropping by, and great neighbors. Thanks to all of my customers who made it by to see my new work and say "hi" - it's great to see you back. For my Etsy customers, if something you love has disappeared from my shop over the weekend, let me know and I can probably make one almost like it.

Now I'm busy with some custom orders, and should have some new Etsy listings in a few days. Collaborations and new ideas are also simmering on the back burner, soon to come to a full boil.

Have you been to Cyndie Smith's Etsy shop yet? She has listed the fantastic necklace she made with my focal bead. She says she will make me one (oh boy oh boy oh boy), but I have to choose a bead first.

Went for a walk on the trail yesterday with Bodie (our chocolate lab), and ran into a whole gaggle (?) of wild turkeys. One adult and a passle (?) of young birds. Not tiny, but smaller than the adult. Bodie went absolutely nuts - he's definitely got some hunting experience under his belt in his mysterious past before we adopted him. If anyone knows the correct term for a group of 12-15 turkeys, feel free to let me know. On a related note, I've been a little anxious walking the trail lately, as there has been some mountain lion activity here lately. A friend had two of her alpaca killed one night, and there was a report of a man a few miles away being attacked (but not hurt) by one. Sometimes we forget that we're not necessarily at the top of the food chain in this wild place.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bargetto Winery 20th Annual Fine Arts Festival

"M16 Eagle Nebula" necklace, a new piece.

I'll be at Bargetto Winery this weekend with some of my latest work, enjoying the music, wine, food, and generally fantastic ambiance at this annual event. Come down to escape the heat and enjoy some great art from over 20 artists!

The pieces shown here have not been seen in my Etsy shop, and will be there along with quite a few other necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and wire wrapped pendants.

"Cool Waters I" necklace, featuring my own focal bead and Labradorite gemstone beads.
Available in my Etsy shop.

"M16 Eagle Nebula" necklace, featuring my own focal and Stichtite gemstone beads.

Hope to see you there!

Other news of interest - I've offered some of my extra sterling silver Bali beads to the Destash section of my Etsy shop. These are very nice and make wonderful additions to any type of handmade jewelry.I'm still trying to get my act together on offering beadmaking classes - if you've registered an interest with me in the past, I appreciate your patience on this.

"Grape Parfait" cha cha bracelet, winner of the June 30 Art Bead Scene challenge.

I was the lucky winner of the last Art Bead Scene monthly challenge in June, whose theme was jewelry incorporating pearls. I entered my Grape Parfait cha cha bracelet (sold), and it was drawn as the winner for that week. Check out their blog, which is amazingly inspiring and is updated daily. Art Bead Scene is a collaborative blog from Heather Powers, Cindy Gimbrone, Tari Sasser, and Lynn Davis. Definitely worth a visit - you'll leave with lots of new ideas, I guarantee.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ohhhh, Cyndie!

Handmade neck piece by Cyndiesmithdesigns, with one of my focal beads.

I've been busy with some summer fun with my mom and son, but Cyndie has been doing some amazing work in her studio. She made a FABULOUS neck piece with one of my beads - check it out!


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