Sunday, October 19, 2008


Good God, What Have I done?

Or was it chirp? I'm giving Twitter a try, since it seems to be a good way to keep folks up to date in between (ahem) blog posts. I promise not to tell you when I'm taking out the trash, or having my breakfast, or any of that dull stuff, but I *will* let you know when I'm up to anything artistic, or remotely interesting. If you're on Twitter, and want to follow me, click the link to the right.

So, along those lines, here's the latest.

"Lost Pillow" 2-Holed Pillow Bead, now in my Etsy shop.

Getting busy for the holiday season, thinking ahead to December and the Bargetto Winery Art in the Cellars show. If you're even 50 miles from Santa Cruz, it's worth the drive - tons of great art and wine, and a wonderful ambiance. My inventory has taken a hit lately, and it's time to turn my raw materials into wearable art. Stay tuned for some classic favorite designs, some new twists, and some very exciting work.

Lately I've been making fine silver chain and other metal components (e.g. for cha-cha bracelets), flowers flowers flowers, and ruffled focal beads (if it isn't nailed down, I'll ruffle it). I've been tidying up a bit as well - check out my new CLEAN torch table! I'm not sure this is such a good idea, as I found lots of inspiration and serendipity in design from my clutter. It was hard to throw away all of those hair-thick stringers in unidentifiable colors, but I did save all the little 2" and under nubbins to use inside of opaque beads. Why not? We'll see if my muse is gone - I did have a few hours to work after cleaning the table tonight, and tomorrow's kiln opening will tell the story.

In tidying up I cleaned and put away at least 3 separate shipments of (nearly untouched) glass I've received in the last 6 months. I had to laugh when there were duplicate items in the different shipments - I order it, forget I ordered it, and order it again! Apparently I didn't need it as much as I thought I did.

"Bright Future" encased, ruffled focal lampwork bead (SOLD).

My experiment on green packaging has suffered a small setback. Last weekend while we were out of town, some strong winds blew one of my control conditions away! I had two squares of bubble wrap outside - one biodegradable, the other traditional, and the sunlight control condition is gone. I'll be posting an update to the other conditions (recall there's one in the worm bin, one buried in the garden, one exposed to sunlight, and one in water) soon. Meanwhile, check out Karolen's great ideas for earth friendly packaging.

Enjoy the spectacular fall weather, and make your plans for election day. Every vote counts.

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Jennifer Cameron said...

LOOK at that table! OMG! You could eat off that thing. I hate the messiness of my table, but I hate cleaning it up even more. LOL!


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