Monday, December 15, 2008

A Bead Named Coy

I made a bead in my "Beacon" series recently (heretoforth to be named "Coy") that is playing games with me. She was created with two different types of hand pulled cane, some reactive silver glass, some silver, you know the story.

She and her sisters captivated me in their complex and elusive beauty. But elusive and shy they were, particularly in front of the camera, and with my still developing macro photography skills. Each photo bore two distinctive, obnoxious orbs of reflection, a sad result of my direct lighting during the picture session. I have been meaning to rig up a solution to this problem for some time, but haven't done it yet.

Working with the photos I have at this point, I decided to see what I might be able to grab in the way of a macro image in between the demon orbs, cropped from the high resolution bead image. As soon as I grabbed the macro image and the two shiny headlights were cast from the screen, I fell in love with this flirtatious piece of glass. My God, the detail, the color!

I think I'm in love. From a distance, the bead was somewhat dark and unassuming. But under the lights, she blossomed and revealed her true inner beauty. A world within worlds, a secret bead garden.

You never know what you might find when you crop your photos - it could be a pleasant surprise.

I think I'll call her Tease!

1 comment:

Jewelbabe said...

I love both of them. The names are cute....apt, even. Wonderful work!


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