Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Have You Been Seen?

Jennifer Cameron from the Lampwork Etc Street Team has. On the Art Bead Scene blog - she won their monthly challenge for January, whose theme was "Van Gogh Irises". Check out this gorgeous piece she made. Now she can put the "I've been seen on Art Bead Scene" bumper sticker on her blog! It's a really gorgeous piece, and amazingly, it's her first time using many of these materials and techniques. My only comment is, "What were you waiting for? GO girl!".

Have a great day. If you got sunshine, enjoy it.

Here it is again:

Art Bead Scene Blog: Monthly Challenge Winner: "Van Gogh Irises"


Jennifer Cameron said...

What an awesome surprise! Thanks for posting such a nice note about my necklace, Patty!. It was a challenge and so much fun. And thanks to you, I now I know I'm supposed to go pick up the "I've been seen" widget thing. I didn't know that!

Patty said...

Unfortunately I can't recall where I saw that widget!


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