Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Retreat to the Snow

Gotta love a virgin drift surrounding the outhouse.

Once again I'm woefully late in updating my blog. I've just been having too much fun, I guess. First the majorly great beady news (coming, I promise), then another bout with a cold, some actual lampwork bead making, and then another wonderful trip to the snow. We're lucky to live where we can go to the snow when we want, and leave it behind when we're done.

This time we snowshoed up to a remote Sierra peak with a Forest Service fire lookout hut, and it was invigorating and relaxing all at once. Well, relaxing once we climbed 1,000 feet over 3 miles and had a couple of days to just hang out, that is.

We backpacked in with our food, clothes, and minor bedding items (wool blankets provided at the cabin), and melted snow for water on the propane stove. We lived in style - the outhouse was only about 50' from the front door of the cabin! Due to the short hike and duration of the trip we were able to enjoy "real food", and didn't leave much behind. No stemware, mind you, but no freeze dried beef stew for this crew either. We dined on the Greek style braised lamb shanks I mentioned before, curry chicken and vegetables and Naan, chorizo burritos, and Denver omelettes. I'm guessing we may have canceled out any possibility of weight loss from the hiking...

Our friends Rick and Angela made the trek with us this year, and it was their first time. Rick hauled his guitar up that slope and his folksy, bluesy serenading made our time in the tiny, warm hut even more fun than usual. Liar's dice, singing along with Rick, napping, reading, day hiking and viking knit made for a very satisfying adventure.

This is the wonderful visual memory we departed with this year - a snowstorm descending on the peak as we were leaving the hut, and Rick singing a last song on the snow steps carved down to the front door as we locked up. It was sadly sweet to leave that way, but we wouldn't trade it for anything.

I promise to have new lampwork bead listings in my Etsy shop and some wonderful news for you within the week. I hope yours is going along swimmingly. At the rate it's raining here we'll be swimming along swimmingly very soon.


Deb said...

Patty - now that looks like fun!
However, I think I must be cold allergic - because just looking at all that snow made me feel that I needed a warm up on the beaches of Bali in between shopping trips & G&T's ;o)

Patty said...

I'm all for a romp in the snow, but have a certain affinity for the tropical heat as well - bring it on! :-)

Jennifer Cameron said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! I prefer trips where we commune with nature and each other. I could do without the snow...Snow is best when you are indoors, comfy pj's, snuggly blanket, next to a roaring fire sipping a cup of tea :-)

Patty said...

Jennifer - I love your (new?) avatar!!


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