Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Satisfying Day

Who would have ever thought I could have a satisfying day without my torch? I know, I'm the first to be stunned by this. Well, it wasn't completely sans torch - I did manage to fuse a bunch of fine silver rings for jewelry. But no glass melting for me today.

It started with a bit of residual glow from yesterday, when I managed to clear a PFH (Pile From Hell) of papers that required filing, and finish my bead business accounting in preparation for taxes. I need to cling to, remember this wonderful feeling that comes from no stacks, no paper demons lurking in the back of my mind while I attend to other matters. The time it would have taken me to dispatch those papers when they came in is miniscule, and the grief they have caused me from looking at them for months and months is immeasurable.

I had to rise somewhat early to greet a friend coming by to reacquaint himself with the housesitting routine for our upcoming Baja vacation. We've been getting ready for this big event for some time...DH installed new disc brakes on the boat trailer and I'm the official BBQ (Brake Bleeding Queen). No big deal, most of the time I just stand around and yell, "no bubbles yet", or "holy crap it's flowing over", or "nothing's happening". Not the most exciting job in the world, but it matches the pay.

I feel good about getting my entries into Bead and Button's Bead Dreams contest this year, even if it is the day before the deadline. First time for me (is $30 to enter a contest normal?), so we'll see how it goes. I've had the beads finished for some time now, but haven't gotten the pix until today. I entered some new designs into the lampwork bead category, and a couple of finished pieces as well. Took me some time to get the photos just right, and figure out the online application process (was it just me or was their server totally whack today?). Anyway, it's done, and another thing I can check off my list.

Have had some great luck getting into shows lately, so I'm a bit panicky about getting inventory ready. After several years of applying I'm an alternate at the King's Mountain Art Fair (the fair so great that once you're in you don't want to leave!), and I'm also going to give the Sacramento Arts Festival a try this October. Fortunately, my show schedule seems to alternate between beads (e.g. The Gathering) and jewelry, so maybe I can do it. Wish me luck! I'm doing the Saratoga Rotary Show again this May, and will also be doing the Bargetto Fine Arts Festival in Soquel in July (love the vibe there).

Anyway, I'm taking the fine silver rings I fused on vacation with me, to make into chain should I find some spare time on the drive (LOL) or if we get blown off the water and can't fish. I'll also take some findings to assemble some bracelets.

The day ended in a dreamy, long shadow kind of way at the reservoir when I took Bodie (our labrador) for his regular swim in the waning sunlight. He's recovering from a knee injury and is crazed with excess energy, and needs the low impact workout. There's something very satisfying about watching him do what he's genetically programmed to do: focus on something that falls from the sky and bring it back to me. OK, so he's still working on the last part, but I've found if I have the next ball ready to go in the chucker when he hits shore with the first one, he's very likely to drop it at my feet and focus on the one I'm about to launch.

I need more days like this.

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