Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Inquisitive Mind

Was I the only one who missed that story a month ago about the kid in the UK who painted a large phallus on the roof of his family home, unbeknownst to his parents? Apparently he heard about Google Earth and wanted to find out whether his house would show up on the maps. An empiricist for sure - someone should give that kid a scholarship immediately!

What's amazing to me is that his parents didn't learn about it for a whole year. The tip off came when a helicopter from The Sun newspaper spotted it, and contacted the kid's dad. The dad had this to say: "It's an April Fool's joke, right? There's no way there's a 60ft phallus on top of my house."

Ah, guess again. Never underestimate the power of the inquisitive mind. And parents, do you know where your children are? And when was the last time you checked your paint supply?


Deb said...

lol! Patty I saw that on TV a while back & thought it was hilarious!
We get a fantastic Aussie program here called 'Rove' & you should have heard him taking the micky...out of the parents ;o)

Hey - you missing it just shows that you have been both busy & productive. (I agree he should get a scholarship)

mairedodd said...

classic! what a brilliant kid - challenge presented, solution found... awesome...


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