Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Lampwork Bead Tutorial Finally Finished

It's been a marathon day here at Darwin Gardens (obviously with no attention to the gardens), but my second tutorial on my Playa Tortuga bead series is finally finished. I owe huge thanks to Deb Batten of Firebird Flameworks for her thorough and entertaining review and editorial comments, and to my DH's employer for getting him out of my hair for the day (just kidding).

The 18 page, 34 photo PDF format tutorial contains everything you need (plus some irreverant comments and unsolicited humor) to make my Playa Tortuga style beads. It's been quite a challenge to get the pictures for these tutorials without an assistant, but I've finally wrangled a way to get my tripod in between me and my torch to provide two handed action shots. It's harder than you think to time when your stringer is going to be ready to lay "just so" on the bead, so some of the shots are more like "what it looks like just after the action has happened" shots. But I think you'll get it when you read the tutorial, and as Serendipity would have it, it allowed me to cover a number of remedies for failed attempts at this bead.

Some helpful motocross friends of mine have suggested a helmet cam, but I think that would put my already borderline torching style just over the edge into the ridiculous, not to mention the foreseeable problems of making sure my hands and the bead are in the shot.

I would also like to thank a multitude of Facebook friends who provided canine dietary advice for flatulence. Without their helpful suggestions (don't feed him any more cheese sandwiches) I may not have gotten through this final hurdle to publication.

Thanks everyone!

You can buy my tutorial right here, right now, for $18.

3 comments: said...

congrats Patty ..
another fan of Deb Batten here....
mona & the girls

Patty said...

Thanks, Mona and the girls. :-) It's wonderful that you featured Deb's amazing Chalcedony bead on your site! Her bead was gorgeous. I can't wait to try that new glass myself - looks like you guys came up with a killer formula. said...

good morn..
we love your tortuga beads ..

raining here to today flower tomorrow ;o)


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