Saturday, June 20, 2009

Helicopter Lands in My Yard

Well, not exactly, but it was in the field next to it.

There was a little excitement in our neighborhood yesterday. I was out gardening and heard the CAL Fire helicopter flying around, and it made several very low passes over our house. I mean LOW. The "I can see your eyes looking at me" kind of low. There were guys hanging out the door peering down at the ground, and I feared the worst. Either there was a fire nearby or they thought I started one. About 15 minutes earlier I had been using the leaf blower tidying up some walkways near a dry, dirt area, and caused a bit of a dust cloud. I figured someone saw the cloud, thought it was smoke from a fire, and called 911, and now they were out looking for ME. Yikes!

After several low passes they left, but returned in about 5 minutes, hovering over the field next to our house. I walked over to get a closer look unobscured by trees, and found that there was an air-evac kind of stretcher on the ground (with a person in it), a rope hanging from the Huey, and at least one guy with him on the ground. The helicopter then proceeded to land in the field about 50 yards away from the stretcher, and an ambulance and other emergency vehicles arrived to take the patient away.

We never did manage to find out what the story was, but one of my neighbors thought that CDF was paying them a personal visit because of the smoke coming from their barbeque. I'll find out later and let you know. I hope the patient is ok.

Here's some pictures of their departure - I didn't capture their arrival because I was preparing to be handcuffed and carted away for my leaf blowing sins.

Nice to see you again, guys. I'll see you at next year's Fireman's Barbeque!


Jennifer Cameron said...

WOW! That must have been exciting...Glad they didn't haul you away for leaf blowing!

Deb said...

How exciting! There is something about the sound of Helicopters that make me go outside & look, although I'd be hard pushed to have one land close to my house - without taking out power lines & the 'neighbours' there's a thought!

One day I'll get a ride in one... preferably not on a stretcher though!

Now you & that leaf blower keep out of trouble Patty!

Patty said...

No more mystery. Found out last night from some neighbors that a guy had been hiking up here in the mountains, and took a spill off a cliff. The CDF guys extracted him from that remote area, and arranged to meet the ambulance for the transfer to the hospital. I hope he's ok.


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