Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Perspectives Exhibit

"Beacon" entry accepted into the ISGB's Perspectives Exhibit.
She is the bead I previously wrote about as being "coy" in front of the camera.

I forgot to share some really cool news I got recently. One of my beads was accepted into the Perspectives exhibit:" Traditions and Innovations in Glass Beads! This exhibit is part of the 2009 Glass Art Society conference in Corning, New York, and will be available from June 5 to September 7 at the Radisson Hotel in Corning.

I am humbled to be a part of this 56-artist exhibition, among so many well known and incredible glass artists. There is a great slide show of all of the entries here. You will be blown away by some of this work. Check out Sharon Peters' "Sub Woofer", Deborah Gibson's "Ancient", Ed Slawson's "Armed Beauty #3", and Laurie Salopek's "Metamorphosis" for examples of why I feel honored to be in this inspiring collection. As a group, we are certainly expanding the envelope of this art form.

The future of glass bead making is so bright, I gotta wear shades (Didymium shades). Does that date me? Oh well, who cares.


Deb said...

Huge congratulations - what a buzz that must be :o)

I have just watched the slide show & Beacon looks fabulous up there.

I'm so pleased you won the camera battle - I sometimes feel as if I never quite manage too.

One entry in particular, really made me smile. But not for the reasons you might think....

If the "futures so bright" saying dates you - then it dates me too ;o)

Patty said...

Thanks, Deb. Yep, this is a huge honor. So, which one made you smile?

mairedodd said...

yes, it dates you... but it dates me too for understanding! :0) i am in good company... so very huge congratulations... you should be so proud of yourself... you certainly do beautiful work...


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