Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Gathering of Meanies

Miami Meanies.

Guess who's coming to Miami?

Yep. The Meanies. With and without tongue (we all feel differently about tongue, right?), with and without my own fine silver findings, many colors, and many personalities.

Here's the fine print:

ISGB Gathering Bead
Saturday, July 25
Hyatt Regency Hotel Ballroom

400 South East Second Avenue
Miami, FL 33131

Open to the Public from 10a-5p

It's been insufferably hot here lately, but it hasn't stopped me from working feverishly to gather my thoughts, my Meanies, my jewelry, and my focal beads for this year's annual meeting of beadmakers in Miami. It will be my first time traveling to this event, and there's much to coordinate. My wonderful DH is making me a couple of kick butt bead displays - I've not really shown my loose beads until now.

I'm not so sure about the sanity in this, but I've also been making some new designs to schlep to Miami. This one incorporates one of my one-holed beads, freshwater pearls, crystals, and some of my own fused and hammered fine silver wire components:

I still haven't gotten my postcards printed, but my graphic designer friend is cranking out some way cool drafts. She's a delightful friend I've known ever since I showed up wide eyed and terrified for grad school at Purdue one day August in 1983.

I'll need to put my Etsy shop on vacation mode from COB on Monday, July 20, until Tuesday, July 28. So, if there's something you can't live without, grab it now or come back after I return. There will be lots of new work in my shop.

Enjoy the day, get something done you've had on your list forever (it will make you feel great), and stay cool!


Deb said...

Patty - I adore the "Meanies" & your new design with the one holed bead is great!

I'd say "sell out" is going to be your experience at The Gathering!

I love your hand fused components, didn't realise that you also did all that yourself. I am so envious! I'd love to do the silversmithing side of things - but sadly what tools are obtainable here ( very few, think!) are prohibitively expensive. I wont tell you what I paid for a Nylon head hammer - can't have you fainting with the shock before The Gathering.

Patty said...

Thank you, Deb. I think you probably should get yourself over here for a shopping trip. Start making your list (and checking it twice...).

I do love fusing fine silver - probably because I get to play with fire. And the hammering is good for what ails you, or bugs you, I should say. ;-)

mairedodd said...

love your meanies! they are so great... funny, today i did accomplish something - i had started working with something different about 6 months ago and it just didn't pull together... today it did... a nice feeling... best of luck...

Patty said...

Maire - congratulations on your epiphany. Isn't it wonderful when that happens?

Jennifer Cameron said...

Patty~I SO WANT one of those meanies! If you have any left (I doubt you will) when you get back, I am totally getting one of them.

Laurie Whitney - Mermaid Glass said...

Love the Meanies! Have a great time.


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