Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Fun

Come to The Iowa State Fair! Five days left: Aug 13 - 23. Yes Kenny, your tractor is sexy.

What could be more typical of wholesome summer fun than a visit to the Iowa State Fair? Not having been to one before (and unlikely to go again for a while), I tried to soak up as much of the Midwestern charm as I could while visiting my mom recently.

And the longest line at the Fair? Butter Cow. Don't try to cut in line here or you could get into a fight. Trust me on this.

And... the Butter Astronaut. I guess the theme was, "Butter is Out of This World!"

I wanted to post a picture of the best pork chop I've ever eaten, but it disappeared before I could capture the moment. I'm certain it was brined before grilling and smoking, and plan to try this at home soon. Holy swine, batman, that was good.

If you go to the Fair, you MUST visit the Iowa Pork Producer's tent. They will Hook. You. Up.

I guess this is as close as I got to a picture of the delectable pork chop I had at the fair. Thanks, buddy. Ya done good.

Funny thing, the best corn dog on the planet also disappeared faster than I could capture it in 1's and 0's, so you'll have to trust me concerning it's delectable, fresh, light and savory goodness.

It was hot hot hot there (no surprise in Iowa in the middle of August), but we were delighted to find that the livestock judging arena had air conditioning. Lucky cows!

It was heartening to see that young people are still interested in raising animals and showing them at the fair through their local 4-H or Future Farmers of America groups. These animals were huge and I give the kids great credit for having the courage to work with them. By the end of the judging I feel like I could anticipate which one the judge would find the "most feminine heifer", or the studliest steer. Needless to say he didn't care for ribs showing, or sway backs.

If anyone can figure out who needs to be worried about this sign posted in the livestock arena, please let me know.

While in Iowa my wish to experience a summer thunderstorm came true twice. I have never in my life seen such spectacular cloud formations - aren't they impressive? Fortunately we did not experience the full wrath of these, and only got a little rain and wind. But it was a treat for me, since I don't get to see these in coastal Northern California.

Finally, running with the theme, here's one of my latest Etsy listings, a Sunny Yellow Amulet in lampwork and fine silver. Summery and delicious.

Sunny amulet, in my Etsy shop.

Take it away, Kenny.


rosebud101 said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Iowa and at the fair. Glad you're back and making more beads!

Deb said...

Patty it's good to have you back!
The fair looks fun - but man, am I impressed with those clouds & that storm.

Now that I would like to experience.

Patty said...

Thanks you guys! It was strangely sweet to be back in Iowa, to see our old houses, and to see how the town has changed.

Deb, don't you have storms down there? We don't get it here in N. California due to the moderating influence of the nearby ocean. Is that the same for you?


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