Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Two Ball Day

Some days Bodie likes to take our walk with just one ball. When he's good and ready he'll drop it, look at me excitedly, and wait for me to throw it. But today was a two ball day.

A two ball day is when I have one ball in the chucker (for you non-dog folks out there, it's a long-armed claw-like tool to allow you to throw a tennis ball without touching it), and he has one in his mouth.

The way it goes is like this: As he approaches me, he drops the one in his mouth and runs after the one I throw. I pick up the one he drops, take a few more steps along the trail, and he comes charging back. He's already thinking about the next ball, even before he's back with the one he's just retrieved.

It was hard to make progress on the trail this morning since he was constantly racing back with a ball for me as I was taking my first couple of steps forward. Today he exhausted himself with this routine, and slipped from my side to steal a dip in the neighbor's pond on our way back.

Today I'm enjoying a two ball day myself. I'm roasting tomatoes and peppers for homemade salsa, redoing photos for some of my Etsy listings, trying to get some chatter going on the Etsy forums, catching up on some emails, and thinking about what to make for dinner. Soon I'll be behind the torch to make some prototypes for a collaboration I'm doing with Rachel Nelson-Smith.

So, dogs are like (some) people, I guess, in that they can multitask. But some days you're up for it, and some days you just want to enjoy the walk. Are you having a one ball day or a two ball day? Or maybe you're juggling five or six?

By the way, if you went to Bodie's blog and were worried about his knee, stop. We went the non-surgical route, and he appears to be completely recovered! We're thrilled, especially with hunting season approaching. Now I just need to get him to put those balls down and update his blog!


Deb said...

Oh I like it! I miss having a dog it's a great reason for taking a walk with interesting company that doesn't chatter incessantly or answer back!.

Always a two ball day around here - kids see to that ;o)
(trouble is, often I drop the ball)

mairedodd said...

i love this analogy! i honestly think it's going to lock into my head and be a great way to think of busy days forever! my daughter is dying for a meanie, she was in the little shop of horrors play and so feels a connection!

rosebud101 said...

Great news, Patty!


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