Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why Do I Blog?

In reading Robin Atkins' latest blog post I was inspired to consider the reasons why I blog.

First of all, I believe that I blog because I've always been a writer. As a young girl I filled countless three ring binders with stories about princesses waiting for their prince, about four legged creatures whose nocturnal business disturbed me from sleep. As a high school and college student I took creative writing classes where I could explore various styles of writing, and all manner of content. My favorite was a creative writing class at the University of Iowa, where I had fun writing short stories in the Stephen King style (my favorite author at the time). but my sharing was limited to those pieces that were read aloud to my class.

My foray into blogging started two and a half years ago when our beloved family dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We were heartbroken when we got the news about our 7 year old lab mix Rio, and I needed a way to express the very complicated feelings I had about him and what he meant to our lives. Even without knowing who might read it, I found a therapeutic catharsis in the act of writing about our relationship. I'm sure that it helped me along the road from grief to recovery, and with less of a burden to my friends than sobbing on someone's shoulder every day. I had always intended to start blogging as a natural extension of my bead making career, but had put it off. But the day we got the sad news about Rio from our vet, I quickly created the blog and began trying to make sense of it all in a more or less public forum.

Now I tend to blog about my artistic accomplishments, my personal travels, and things that I find interesting and useful in the world. Perhaps not as deep as a raw emotional expose, but hopefully interesting to someone besides myself. I am constantly trying to make it more interesting, more personal, and more frequent.

Why do YOU blog? Let's hear about it.


Manuela said...

Thanks dear Patty, my answer is on my blog :-),


Patty said...

Manuela, you elegantly said so much of what I felt but did not communicate. As artists scattered throughout the world, blogging and all of the other online ways to connect (e.g. Facebook, forums) helps us connect with one another, and help each other to fulfill our creative potentials. Thank *you* for sharing. Your work continues to amaze me. said...

hi Patty..

such a fun journey this blogging reaching out ... meeting such fun interesting new friends ... I continue to be excited and thrilled each time I post and see a new face... the struggle to get each post just right continues to challenge and scare me to death... :0)

mona & the gaffer girls

all our love
mona & the gaffer girls

Patty said...

Tell me about it, Mona & gals! The internet is indeed a force bringing us all together. Thanks for stopping by. :-)


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