Thursday, September 3, 2009

Can't Get No Satisfaction

I've had one of those days. Tried to accomplish a list of varied tasks but seemed to get foiled at every turn by what should be simple technology. I may have to resort to housecleaning to get some satisfaction, I'm afraid. It's that bad. But housecleaning never fails to bring that great feeling of victory.

After at least 3 years of procrastination, with parts all purchased and waiting, I tried to hook up a Raindrip irrigation system for some odd plants not covered by the main system. Foiled. The battery operated timer works fine - opens valves as instructed. But no matter which parts I hook up to the outflow connection on it, they all leak. I've tried it with washers and without, with odd looking devices from my parts bin that suggest they go together by their threads. Every time it's the same - water spraying from the connection coming out of the timer. Grrr.

I've also tried to get the fountain going again, after a couple of months of no flow. It was dirty, and I cleaned it well and filled it. Upon plugging it in...nothing. I guess I should be happy with the fountain spewing from my Raindrip irrigation timer. Last time this happened I shot some water into the pump, and through the pump backwards, and shook it vigorously, and it came to life. This time, nada. Maybe I should click my heels together three times. Grrr.

I tried to get a Treasury on Etsy, and watched the numbers count down to the magical 333. My Poster Sketch was ready, and I was poised to pounce. The timing meshed perfectly with my day. I saw the screen change and thought I was in - would have been a coup since one I made the other day was just expiring. There's the trick - "just". It was still alive one minute after the Treasury opened up, and they don't allow you to have more than one at a time. Such a notice politely flashed on my screen as the Treasury opened up and I watched the slots fly out the window. Had I been on the ball I would have deleted my own just before this one opened up but I was foiled yet again.

I need to call Direct TV to ask them to politely exchange our DVR, but after my luck today I'm dreading that call. The thing refuses to get updates over the phone line as it is supposed to, and resets itself at least once a day (sometimes during recording). I have called them repeatedly on this, and they refuse to commit a human to make the trip to our house, preferring instead to keep me on the phone punching buttons and clicking on menus as they read from their troubleshooting spreadsheet.

The White Balance on my Optio W20 camera is impossible to set, forcing me to do far too much editing in Photoshop. It seems that most folks like to take pictures in Auto mode, and to do anything else requires a multitude of complicated menu operations.

My website is a mess and the files for it were lost when my computer crashed last Christmas. I've been on the phone with GoDaddy customer support who told me how to download the files so I can get going again, but it did not work. Another customer support call is needed.

These are not satisfying tasks. I need something to feel good about! Tomorrow will be better - I'll be melting glass.

Now where'd I put the dust cloth?


Andrew Thornton said...

If you'd like to feel a great deal of satisfaction cleaning, pop on over at my house. The chore list is long and growing every day! Although I feel the same satisfaction once an area is all cleaned up... it's getting to that point that's the hard part.

Patty said...

Thanks for the invitation, Andrew. You caught me in the middle of a shredding frenzy. I have to purge before I can organize before I can clean up, unfortunately. But I'm sure you've already done that part, and just need a light dusting and vacuum, right? ;-)


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