Monday, October 5, 2009

From My Heart

Plays With Fire booth at the 2009 Sacramento Fine Arts Festival

I just wanted to give a huge, heartfelt thanks to all of the wonderful people who stopped by my booth at the Sacramento Fine Arts Festival last weekend. It was my first time at this show, so much of it was challenging and unfamiliar to me, but it made my day that you cared to spend some time with me. We may have only commented about the live music (mostly great), the fabulous collection of over 200 artists there, or perhaps you lingered a while and learned something about how glass beads are made. Some of you were kind enough to adopt some of my works to take home with you, and to give to your family and friends. No matter how we connected, it was wonderful being there with you, and I'm grateful to have been a part of such an amazing show. Even if my feet aren't presently speaking to me after what I did to them for three straight days.

I was stoked to meet some new lampwork artists - Adi Braeman, Rita Forman, and Shawn Tsai. It's amazing how we all do the same thing (well, Shawn does sculpture and not beads), but our work is so different. Lampwork bead artists represented at this festival! I have got to get some help in my booth next time so I can get out and visit everyone else's booth.

I owe a special thanks to my mother in law, Sybil, for insisting that she go with me to set up, even though I tried to dissuade her because both of us knew that her age and physical condition would prevent her from doing much and would possibly result in her getting hurt. She wanted badly to be there for the actual show but a trip out of state to see her twin daughters prevented her from reaping the benefits of her labor. What a sweetie! One of these days...

Sybil helping with the lights.

"Mean Green Mother Earth" on display.

Since I presently have custody of the metal and glass piece ("Mean Green Mother Earth") I did with Cyndie Smith for the ISGB / Bead & Button Convergence exhibit, I decided to place her front and center to stop traffic, and boy did she. Soon she'll be wintering in Florida to check out the gallery scene down there.

There were several small disasters that kept me laughing during the set-up for this show - "discovering" at the last minute that my 2' tall banners would turn my booth into a limbo game for anyone over 5' tall, learning that I had brought but 7 of 8 required PVC table leg extenders, forcing a late night trip to Home Depot for a replacement, and on and on. Many thanks to Harlan Simon who had a great suggestion to move the banners as far to the side as possible, to create an unobstructed entrance at the corner, and to Joline for offering some of her heavy wire when I thought I could rig up some kind of high wire act to get the banners out of the way. I also need to thank my wonderful friend Mary Susan, for the incredible graphic design work she has done for me to date. Those banners are just awesome! Perhaps most of all I need to thank my incredibly supportive husband, whose surprise visits to my shows always make my heart go pitter pat.

As always, I'm still on the prowl for an improved booth set up. After this show I think I'm going to lose the heavy glass and frames on my hung photographs, and rethink the grid panel idea if they're not needed for structure. And oh yeah, since I fear I destroyed a hinge on one of my metal folding tables during break down, I'm probably going to revisit the whole table idea again. After schlepping everything to my booth site and back to the truck without the recommended cart, I'm thinking something on wheels would be a very good idea.


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