Monday, October 12, 2009


It's been a full week since I posted, but not because I haven't been busy. Shortly after my last post, my mom arrived for a visit, and I took her up on her offer to help me with a project while she was here. So, the horrible 25 year old wallpaper in the bedroom is GONE, and in its place are luxurious new walls in warm mocha and firebrick shades, to match a new set of bed linens in an exciting, Moroccan color scheme.

Sometimes it takes me years to build up a head of steam for a project like this, but when I get going, I am at high risk for missing sleep, meals, and personal hygiene to get it done. Which, by the way, provides some challenges when guests are in the house, but family is thankfully forgiving of those infractions.

But I gotta give my mom a ton of credit for hanging in there with the long hours, the up and down the step stool for painting near the ceiling, and the dinners that begin near 9pm after a frantic rush to the grocery store for ingredients. You're the best!

I wish I had taken some "before" shots to document the dramatic transformation, but I didn't. I did get this great shot of my mom armed with the wallpaper steamer, however. Some of the lovely elegance of the former wall treatment is evident in this image.

Today is my birthday, and we will celebrate it by putting a final coat of paint on the accent wall, cleaning the carpets, doing touch ups, and bringing the furniture back in from the deck before the big storm arrives tonight. I can't think of a nicer way to spend it. Thanks mom.


mairedodd said...

happy birthday! you and i are a day apart... that is a very big job - how wonderful you had help... i took on 25 yr. old wall paper in my bathroom... big job for sure! the colors sound wonderful, show pics! :0) ah yes, we share a common focus as well - i, too, have been known to neglect those things you state... i have forgiving children! :0)

kelleysbeads said...

Happy Birthday Patty, I hope you have a great day and green lights every where you go!

Patty said...

Thank you both for the kind birthday wishes! It has been a very unique and memorable birthday, unlike most in recent memory, and I treasure every moment.

The project is complete save for some finishing details, and I'm waiting for a good light day to get some pics to share. I'll also share another mini-project I'm starting, which will be an update for the enormous rectangular mirror over the BR sink. I'm going to do a mosaic tile frame around it to give it a more modern look.

Happy Birthday to YOU, Maire! Hope it was xtra special.


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