Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here it Comes

The rain has started falling but we're ready. Over the next five days we're supposed to get phenomenal amounts of rain - I've heard 10 inches and even 20 inches mentioned. But with food in the fridge, gas in the generator, clean gutters and walks I'm down with it. The only other thing that could enhance this feeling of cozy satisfaction is to have a pot of soup on the stove, but the freezer is full of batches made a few weeks ago so life is good.

Today I need to get my application in for the springtime Saratoga Rotary Art Show, and do some metal and glass work. Yesterday's beads are clean and my Dremel is getting a needed rest.

In this stretch of preparation for the Best Bead Show in Tucson, I'm finding a comfortable rhythm. Whereas previously my mandrels would get cleaned and dipped infrequently and unpredictably (when I run out), and the same with charging my cordless Dremel. Glass and other supplies would be ordered when I was on the last rod, and I had no real flow going. Now since I'm melting glass nearly every day, I've got a routine going that makes it much easier to be efficient, and it feels good. My torching bench is a disaster as always, but that will be fixed after Tucson in preparation for some new tutorials.

I hear that Michael Barley is teetering on the brink of offering his baleen tutorial (one of the frequent keywords leading to my blog, BTW) in his new Etsy shop. Keep an eye on it. That's pretty exciting news and I know it will be very popular. I was lucky to take a class from Michael a couple of years ago and it was the best class I've ever taken. He's a wonderful teacher and a brilliant artist. If you ever find yourself within a day's drive from one of his teaching gigs, GO. It will change your life as an artist.

OK, I gotta get goin'.


rosebud101 said...

Good News on the Baleen technique! I took his class a year ago, and it was amazing!

Deb said...

One word for mentioning taking a Michael Barley class - "TEASE"!!!lol!

The upside is that I got the loveliest email from him in response to my donation via his LE thread about his upcoming tutorial.
What a sweet & generous man!

It sounds as if I am going to have to come over & whip your studio into shape Ms Patty! I could be your studio b****h, while you work on your tutorials.....
(can't wait by the way!)

Patty said...

Deb - you'll take a class from him one day, I know it, and if we're lucky we'll be in it together.

Yes, I do think I need a studio B***h. Would you like me to send you the application? Are you good with windex? How about silver foil and glue? ;-)

Deb said...

OK - I'm your b***h!!lol!
Hey I've worked in a gallery of one sort or another for years (framing at the moment), of course I can clean glass....any glass.

I'd be happy to get your rods ready for silvered ivory too....see I do pay attention ;)


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