Friday, January 22, 2010

Look What the Rain Brought!

Tortuga babies and flowers!

And lots of fungus.

Rain is good.


rosebud101 said...

The beads are great, but don't the fungi look like great beads, too?

Patty said...

Spoken like a true artist, Mallory. I expect to see you inspired to make some fungi beads soon!

Jenny J-V said...

Those beads are gorgeous! So...let's see the fungi beads that must be following now...haaaaaaaaa

Deb said...

Patty - I love the tortuga babie & the flowers, they are just georgous!

It takes a bit to beat nature though ....& there is always an upside to rain, the fungi are fabulous.

I think only a true gardener can appreciate that there are jolly good reasons for the different seasons. Winter never bothered me as much once I learned that all those spectacular bulbs, many seeds & a whole load of perennials needed that freezing winter ground in order to produce a bloom the next season ;)


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