Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On heads that are swimming

I think you should be very glad that I didn't do what I was tempted to do, and that is, unload my overburdened brain here of all of the details flopping around in there for the last few weeks. I thought perhaps I could achieve some relief by dumping it all here, but unfortunately then it would be your burden.

In a move that was either brilliant or the worst timing ever, I am acting as designer and general contractor for a bathroom remodel (technically it's a facelift), with no qualifications other than I'm the fastest Googler this side of the Rockies. It started just after Thanksgiving, and it might end before the end of the month. It's no biggie - no moving of walls or massive changes, but a lot of new surfaces. Sure, I've got the modest budget and the dimensions and the countless links to online vendors neatly arranged in a multi-sheet Excel workbook. And yes, I now know all the various ways a shower can be waterproofed, and two different ways to assemble a glass block wall, and pretty much all of the very interesting names that the toilet vendors give their thrones (and some of those would amuse you, names like "Champion", and "Cadet", "Cimarron", "Perfecta", "Monarch", and "Memoirs", which is my personal favorite). Which one was the "comfort height" again, and which one will actually flush a whole bucket of golf balls? And how am I going to match up that one tile with the other as it meets that other wall? I can't recall. My brain is full and it's starting to spin.

But it pains me to have to hold details in my head like these, and I just want to scream sometimes. But these are not the only details spilling out of my ears.

Meanies, coming in a big way to the Best Bead Show.

I'm getting ready to exhibit (for the first time) at the Best Bead Show in Tucson, the Mother of all bead shows, exactly three weeks from today. It's a five day show, 2 days longer than my longest ever. The nightly parade of themes past my weary eyelids now include toilets, tile samples, faucets, broken sinks (if you friend me on Facebook you'll find out about that), designs for a new Convergence exhibit piece, and beads. Lots and lots of beads. Not just Any Beads, the Right Beads. What should I take to Tucson? Sets? Focals? Jewelry? All of the Above? Tried and True designs, or "out there" experimental work? How much of each? Is 7 sets of my Wild Ones series enough? Are people tired of my Tortuga series yet? It's no wonder I'm not sleeping much.

Playa Tortuga series, coming to Tucson."Wild Ones" bead sets, coming soon to Tucson.

Sure, I complain, but soon I'll have relief. I won't have to walk the long green mile of carpet to the other end of the house for my middle of the night pee, and I'll have a bathroom that's clean, new, and somewhat modern, if not destined for a glossy magazine spread. And since I've been torching nearly every day for the last several weeks, I'll have loads of inventory for Tucson. Well, I hope it's loads. I've been reading a lot of Lori Greenberg's great blog posts on the Tucson show for hints of what to take and how to arrange it, and plan to make sure that everything is as fondleable as possible. Thank you, Lori - your blog is cool and your tips are wonderful. I think that whatever I have when Cyndie arrives is what I will take. Not a lick more, and no less.

So there, I've spared you most of the flotsam that's been knocking around in my head lately, but maybe I'll get off the hook for not being as attentive to my blog as I should. That will soon end, however, as I plan to post updates from the show, and will keep y'all informed of all the show fun via Facebook (see link to the right, down a ways to my Facebook page). It's going to be a fantastic adventure, starting with Cyndie Smith's arrival here (and our long awaited in person meeting!), and then the Road Trip to Tucson. I can't wait! I know a lot of the fun, fantastic people exhibiting at this show and running it, and they're going to make it wonderful to be there.

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of my Inventory in Progress. I promise. We might even have some sun.


Mermaid Glass said...

I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. I had the same kind of remodel job a couple of years ago but, in addition, I also had the privelege of doing all of the tile work. Blech. But, you'll love it when it's done.

Don't worry, you'll kill in Tucson. No matter what you take, it'll be gorgeous. Have fun!

Deb said...

Patty - this too shall!

The Best Bead Show will be a resounding success for you & the bathroom will seem like a nightmare from the past very shortly ;o)

The last remodel I ever did in my own home was a bathroom....& all I can say is that the shopping was the 'fun bit'.

mairedodd said...

the very best of luck at the show... and i think that you are right about what to take - some of everything... finished pieces, sets, beads, show stoppers and affordables...just GO FOR IT! whatever feels like 'you' is right... share all of the beauty! the fun, the exotic, the elegant...

Patty said...

Thanks for the support, Ladies! I know I'm my own worst critic in these situations, but seriously, my brain is full!

Deb, I was very tempted to steal your comment as a new title. Perhaps I will. But your comment about the shopping being the fun bit scares me. I did not find even that part to be much fun. Again, information overload. But possibly because of my self-imposed timeline.

Have a great day!


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