Friday, February 19, 2010

Guided by Nature

There is change afoot in my garden, and it's telling me things.

When I'm outside playing ball with our dog I like to look around me to see what's new in the garden, and often it speaks to me. Whether gardening or making art, I've long strived for that perfect rhythm, where I'm one with nature as she changes her face through the year, where I'm attuned to the cues surrounding me and everything is done when the time is perfectly ripe. Balance and timing - it's my eternal, elusive goal. For me, it's about listening, and feeling, and sensing.

Here is what I heard today in my garden. Perhaps yours is speaking to you as well. Are you listening?

We all feel better and look our best after a cleansing rain.

Are you growing in new directions?

Are you putting energy into the right things?

Do you have a reasonable number of things on your plate?

Or too many?

Are you looking down at your feet when you should be looking forward, or up at the big picture?

Is it time to cut back or remove those things that have served their purpose?


mairedodd said...

a wonderful post!! i cannot see anything of mine yet as it is still covered in snow! and there is lots of tree damage from the storm... i will be listening though when i get to see... have to wonder if there are any flower shoots hiding beneath the blanket on my yard...

Patty said...

I'll bet there's some beauty worth listening to in or under your snow... :-)


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