Friday, February 26, 2010

The Word for Today: WEATHER

Another fantastical winter storm today - rain and wind so gusty that it popped the mirror on the outside of my car to a new position as I was driving down the freeway. Yeah. I'd forgotten how much the wind and rain makes me feel...alive. We had another couple of inches just this afternoon.

Returned a couple of borrowed regulators to a very kind person at DeAnza College today, had lunch with a friend, and knocked out a few little springtime beads trying to burn the rest of my O2 before a cylinder exchange. My concentrator is back at the home office for repair. She just wasn't spitting out any oxygen, which really made it hard to torch. The good folks at Unlimited Oxygen are on it.

I've really been enjoying the Olympics this year - you? I don't recall ever being so attentive to the games before. The women's downhill events and the drama that is Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso, the bobsled crashes, snowboarding, ski jumping, women's figure skating - it's all just riveting. I'm totally loving the Nordic Combined event, and think those dudes are the hardest working athletes in the games, for sure.

In the works this weekend is some photo work for an upcoming gallery submission, and some new work at the torch. And if this weather clears up, ideally some hiking in the green and fuzzy foothills - they are calling my name these days after all of this rain.

This video from Stevie Ray Vaughan seemed to fit the day.

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