Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Convergence II: Adorning the Past, Present, and Pretend

"The Bone Goddess", Convergence II Exhibition entry from Cyndie Smith
and Patty Lakinsmith, copyright 2010.

Cyndie and I finished our entry for this year's ISGB and Bead & Button's Convergence exhibition just in time. Well, actually, we finished it early (!), a good 12 hours before the drop deadline. The meandering path of our inspiration is the topic for another day, but where we arrived is at The Bone Goddess, pictured above. We had almost as much fun designing and creating this piece as we did with the last one, most of which was accomplished over the intertubes, with Cyndie in Florida and me here in California.

Description. The piece is one that would have been worn by Baba Yaga, the eldest and wisest woman in the Triple Goddess folk mythology, the Crone. The Triple Goddesses are three iconic females who represent the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone - archetypical female figures at different phases in life. Instances of the Crone are known to shamanic, Wiccan, and pagan practices all over the world.

Past menopause, the Crone symbolizes death and rebirth, and she can empower and restore women during difficult times. She is a beacon of strength to any woman who is undergoing major changes, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, or to those whose paths or stages in life have become redundant or destructive. She encourages women to be wild and free, and to summon the courage and wisdom that lies within themselves.

As usual, we went for something unconventional, and I think we succeeded. We haven't discussed it explicitly, but I'm pretty sure that both Cyndie and I see a little of ourselves in this piece, in this particular Goddess, and she is inspiring to us.

The piece has lovely movement, especially in the cool way that Cyndie did the "chain", and we're excited about the functional way that the glass "hinge bones" hold it together. We learned so much about physics and folklore and movies with cave women in them (one of our design excursions) and felting, I can't tell you what a wonderful challenge this was for us. Will it be gracing the cover of Bead and Button magazine one day? Um, I'm pretty sure not. But it's unique, it's art, and it's ours. And we had a total blast doing it. If you've never done it, I highly recommend these things for stretching your wings. It's too easy when you work alone to do things the way you always do, with the materials you're comfortable with, and this expands you. But I think I'm taking my wings in the hot tub now - they're tired!


mairedodd said...

my jaw is dragging the ground again! this collaboration is stunning... this is an incredible piece and i cannot imagine it not being recognized... i am in awe of your talents... and i am enamored of the inspiration - will be thinking on that one more today... it's one i think of frequently - but i really connect with... (a lot of superlatives here - all honest)

Patty said...

Maire, thank you so much! It takes a certain special kind of person to see the beauty in something so different, and we appreciate that.

Yes, the research we did to learn about our theme was enlightening, to say the least, and definitely mesmerizing.

Thanks for your very kind comments. :-)

mairedodd said...

was there any site or book that you found to be the most interesting? i had to come back to your page and look at this again... it's quite something...

Patty said...

Maire, just google Bone Goddess, Crone Goddess, or Baba Yaga and you'll find tons of sites, and I predict that *all* of them will be interesting.

Manuela said...

An incredible piece of art - great job and I think a collaboration is something that will push you and give your imagination new directions.
I am sure that it will be recognized - it´s truly unique.

I am helding my fingers crossed for you girls,

xxxx Manuela


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