Sunday, March 7, 2010

Down to the Wire

See this?

That's a wire, and Cyndie and I are down to it.

Convergence II entries are due in 3 days. THREE DAYS! EEEEeeeeek!!!!!!! And we've still work to do and photographs to take. Oh my. It's going to be close.

In other news, I just can't stop making Beads of Courage beads these days when I'm at the torch. Big, juicy, fun, brightly colored happy beads to make a child with cancer forget his or her pain for just one minute.

If you have lampwork bead or jewelry items you'd like to donate to the BOC Bead Inspired fundraiser in Mesa, AZ on March 20, send a little love note to Adiel at, and she will let you know what she needs.

1 comment:

mairedodd said...

i have faith in you - you work so very hard... and i am going to check out the boc site... hoping i have something i could contribute... your colored beads are so beautiful (they all are)...


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