Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Etsy Front Page - Thank You JulieGarland!

I had a very nice surprise last night. JulieGarland, one of my Team Treasury International team mates made a fantastic treasury including my Chocolate Peacock bracelet that was featured on the front page of Etsy. Don't you just love the wonderful blue and brown theme? And what's even cooler is that my friend Cyndie Smith is in it too! Those are her cool stacked rings above my bracelet and to the left. Those rings have had quite a few appearances on the Front Page, and deservedly so - they rock!

The cool thing about this kind of feature is that it draws a lot of traffic to one's Etsy shop, which we all know is supposed to translate into sales. Well, it's not like the shop empties out or anything, but exposure is a good thing, and in the marketing world, it eventually leads to sales. To illustrate, here's what happened to my Etsy shop views a few weeks ago when a treasury that I was in made it to the front page - BAM! They quadrupled.

Google Analytics data for my Etsy shop views after a treasury I was in made it to the front page.

As a result of last night's appearance I received a number of sweet Etsy convos, Facebook messages (thanks for this screen grab, Heather!), and Etsy shop hearts. Sweet indeed. Thank you all for your very kind words. And it's your lucky day, as the bracelet is still there (winkedy wink)!

I hope your day is awesome. We're presently in a sunny, breezy lull between storms, with more rain, wind, and 20 foot seas predicted for tomorrow. Thursday is opening day for abalone season, but I hope all of the eager divers heed the marine warnings and wait until things calm down. Even when it's not storming it can often be a FOOLish thing to dive this time of year around here. Be careful out there.

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