Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ow! Get your elbow out of my ribs!

Just goofin' with some Meanies and practicing my photography with artificial lights after my workshop last weekend. Oh yeah, and this awesome Meanie charm bracelet (The Meanest) has just landed in my Etsy shop. A weighty, handmade fine silver chain and 9 irreverant, toothy dudes, at least two of which bear a shocking resemblance to Dick Cheney.

Now get out there and enjoy a wonderful spring day! And by the way, if you happen to hear any rumors about the new healthcare bill that sound too horrible and outrageous to be true, do yourself a favor and verify it at before sending it to all of your friends. Your blood pressure will be glad that you did. Anger and vitriol can turn you into a meanie. And not the good kind.

Photo taken using the gradient "spotlight" approach on Loriola's great blog tutorial.


mairedodd said...

awesome! what part of the post? all of it!
first off - i am a HUGE fan of meanies - and especially cheney meanies!!
second - your photography... wonderful... and that tutorial was great... have to work on making one of those background papers... clever girl she is...
i am in one of those manic modes today working on a project - it's a nice feeling... trying to keep the momentum going... while i patiently await the curing of resin - sounds like an oxymoron? it is!

Patty said...

Thank you, Maire. The photography part is becoming more fun and interesting to me.

I understand completely what patient mania is like - been there myself. Good luck with your project! Hope to see some pictures soon.

kate mckinnon said...

But did you shoot it with your underwater Point and Shoot?

Patty said...

Yep, right now ALL of my pix are taken with the infamous Underwater Point And Shoot (UPS?). What do you think of my background? Close enough to beach glass (not the first image, but the rest)?

Ellen Farris said...

I'm going to check out that camera. Amazing how much energy can go into photographing our work. So many decisions. I'm realizing I need different pics for submission than etsy. Just started using a gradient background I printed in Photoshop.

Patty said...

Ellen, it's an amazingly good camera, and it's only by serendipity that I'm using it. My Nikon Coolpix had some sort of hissy fit (mechanical, I'm thinking) and refuses to work, so I had to bogart the camera I bought for my husband to take fishing. He's so hard on them, so I had selected this waterproof model. Little did I or the camera know what fate it would meet!

But yes, many decisions, so a bit of trial and error does wonders, as does noting the settings as you try them out and see the effect on the photos.

Good luck with your photos!


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