Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Gorgeous, Productive Day

What a lovely day! It's gorgeous and pushing 70 today, and every living thing seems to be out and about enjoying it. I'm even sure that the skunk we caught under the house and relocated yesterday is kicking up his smelly little heels with joy at his new creekside home.

Finally! Some peace and quiet at night, with no more skunk parties on our water pipes.

Cleaned some great beads from my session the torch yesterday, and will share a fun new pendant design with you when I figure out what to call them. Each one contains a tiny surprise!

Went on a great little drive through the countryside to Love Apple Farm to get our heirloom tomato plant starts - special varieties that do well in the coastal mountains. The plants are teeny tiny and won't be put out until the middle of May, so I'll have to baby them every day and gradually ween them onto the sunlight. After last summer's tour of the farm I'm totally hooked on their plants and growing tips, and hope ours do as well as Cynthia's this year. And after that we paid a visit to Mountain Feed & Farm Supply, the coolest little place to buy organic fertilizer, pet supplies, birdseed, and plants, and even biodiesel fuel!

Love Apple Farms has hundreds of tomato varieties to choose from.

Lovely fountain at the farm.

Cynthia recommends a 2 foot deep planting hole with a fish head or fish meal, 2 handfuls of Sustane organic fertilizer, one handful of worm castings, 1 Tbsp. humic acid, eggshells, a handful of bone meal, 2 aspirins, Root Zone, and water. While I garden mostly organically and have lots of home made worm castings, some of these things required the visit to Mountain Feed.

Got the debris laden garage roof blown off too - obnoxious as it is, I do love my electric leaf blower. The power and ability to literally wipe things clean with one sweep of the nozzle is a bit intoxicating to me, and fortunately our rural neighbors don't care much about the noise from our electric model. Best to get that tree crap off there before the next rain, and yes, we're still supposed to get more this year.

Are you watching Jamie's Kitchen? That new reality show where he's trying to improve the food served in the public schools in West Virginia? Apparently that region scored among the worst in the U.S. on obesity related factors, according to the Center for Disease control, so Jamie took it upon himself to make a reality show out of removing the processed food from the schools and teaching the cooks how to prepare real food from scratch. It's a tough battle, but a sound mission and I hope he succeeds. His heart is in the right place.

I've also upcycled my husband's childhood toy box into a large, deep planter I plan to use for vegetables in a sunny part of the yard. It feels so good to get my hands dirty this time of year. Anyone want some wild onions? They're notorious pests around here and spread like wildfire, but the earth was moist enough that I think (hope) I got them all. They're good to eat, I'm told, so maybe I'll toss them in the wok, Jamie Oliver style.


Handmade Jewelry Haven said...

Hi Patty-
Found your site on FB and this post just caught my eye as I have a good friend in WV that I am always harping on because of his food choices. So when I saw the post about Jamie Oliver in WV I had to find the episodes and watch them. THANK YOU!!

All that aside...your creations are an absolute inspiration for us beginning beaders!! I can't tell you that your beads are just stunning!!

I have become an avid follower and hope that you can come and check my blog out too at

Handmade Jewelry Haven

Patty said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lisa. :-) Your blog and jewelry are beautiful.


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