Thursday, April 1, 2010

In Other News,

The Pride of Madeira is bursting forth with spring splendor, and I couldn't be more thrilled. This one was planted in a very tough spot, under an oak tree, in dry shade, and gets virtually no care at all. Those who know how much my glass obsession has ruled my life of late know this is true.

This shrubby member of the Echium family has coarse grey-green hairy leaves (like most anything else that does well around here) and can be seen growing wild along the steep clay banks along Highway 17. During the sad days when the blooms have faded and dried, it scatters seeds everywhere, and if you're lucky, the next year little babies can be found under the mother plant.

I tried a new mode on my camera for this - the "flower" mode, and I like it. I'll be trying that one with my bead and jewelry shots too, in my never ending quest to make my little Pentax point and shoot behave like a digital SLR.


mairedodd said...

gorgeous shot - you had better keep talking nicely to that camera, you are getting some beautiful shots out of it!

Ann the geology spy said...
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