Thursday, April 8, 2010

Most Excellent News!

"The Bone Goddess", Convergence II Exhibition entry from Cyndie Smith
and Patty Lakinsmith, copyright 2010.

Amidst a heady blanket of recent warm spring weather I received a wonderful bit of news. Cyndie Smith and I just found out last night that our latest collaboration, "The Bone Goddess" was accepted into the Convergence II exhibit. It's very exciting, and I can't wait to see all of the other incredibly creative entries, which were based on the theme of a real or fictional character. The exhibit will be at this year's Bead and Button show in Milwaukee, and at The Gathering in Rochester, NY, and a couple of other venues that I'll share later.

Now that I've got a little photography schoolin' under my belt, I'll get a better photo to share with you before I send the piece off.

Here is a list of all of the accepted entries and artists. It's going to be a fantastic exhibit.

Dolly Ahles Persephone
Carolyn Baum Congratulations Ella!
Francie Broadie & Camille Richard Bough to Mother Nature
Terri Caspary Schmidt & Anne E. Mitchell Dharmachakra:The Wheel of Law
Heidi Coles Marguerite
Ronit Dagan Fragile Ties for Jackie Kennedy
Debra Dowden-Crockett Kaffe Fassett Collar
Alethia Donathan Peace for Catherine
Darlene Durrwachter Rushing & Donna Penoyer Stop Look Listen
Kim Edwards A Necklace for Joan of Arc
Leah Fairbanks Isadora's Scarf
Betty Fetvedt & Kathy King Nefertari’s Legacy
Georgie Field Badge for the Order of Athena
Kristen Frantzen Orr Bon Appetit
Nolly Gelsinger Titania’s Crown
William Glasner The Snow Queen
Mary Ann Helmond Queen of Shiba
Nina "Sam" Hibler & Lisa Connell Persephone's Lot
Wendy Hitchins Frida
Leslie Kaplan Excess, Imelda Marcos style
Kiersten Kern & Carol Saker She Who Shapes the Sacred Land
Terri Kraehe Little Beaver's Circle of Friends
Sara LaGrand Spywear: The Accessory for the Modern Mata Hari
Patty Lakinsmith & Cyndie Smith The Bone Goddess
Marcy Lamberson Darling Clementine
Janet Larsen & Robin Foster The Analytical Engine
Karen Leonardo & Teri Sallwasser Radioactive Curie
Louise Little & Mickey Kunkle Poppies for O'Keefe
Anne Londez Tangle
Eleanore Macnish Pendant for Alice…In Wonderland
Bernadette Mahfood Blue Plaid
Susan Matych Hager &Kathy Petersen Queen of the Faeries
Terri McGill &Tracy VanNiel Marie's Ridge
Vicki Munie& Betty Munie Nefertiti – Egyptian Queen
Sandy Parlett Seeds of Spring
Scott Parrish & Diane Mandaville Red Sonja
Janice Peacock Anne Bonny's Treasure Necklace
Sharon Peters& Christi Friesen H.G. Wells Time Machine Pocket Watch
Donna Prunkard & Stacy Frost Percussive Dance
Hannah Rosner & Marsha Wiest-Hines Daisy Buchanan: Innocence in Decay
Margie Shanahan & Linda McIlheran Dreaming of Titania
Dvora Silberman Under the Sea
Camille Simmons & Robert Simmons A Collar for Richard II
Sally Stevens Temptation
Nancy Tobey & Joy Raskin Elizabeth in the Ruff
Rowan Van Der Holt Ophelia's Flowers with Poppies From Elizabeth Siddall
Annie Vedovell Shook Sailor's Valentine - Forget Me Not
Amy Waldman Smith & Heather Taylor Poetical Science for Ada
Jeri Warhaftig & Ronnie Lambrou Stardust
Stephanie White & Gerry White Nelson's Eye Patch & Telescope
Beth Williams Granuaile’s Treasure – A Necklace for Ireland’s Pirate Queen
Stefani Woodams Netsuke of the Barn Goddess
Manuela Wutschke Atomic Forces
Teresa Yoshimura Bendt &Bronwen Heilman Earthly Delights
Patricia Zabreski Venaleck Collar for Nefertiti

Wait until I tell my friend that her alpaca's fur is going to Bead and Button!


Manuela said...

Congrats dear Patty, the necklace is a dream and you a lucky girl being able to see all the beauties life, I wish I could make it to the Gathering but nope, I have to be home.
Make plenty of pics and let me see the beauties ☺.

hugs to you

NuminosityBeads said...

That is good news, Congratulations! This piece deserves it and so do you.


Patty said...

Thank you so much, Kim and Manuela! I'll take tons of pictures in New York in July.

PonderandStitch said...

Patty, thanks for the sweet comments- you've made me feel a lot better today. I've been so stressed and scared, it's crazy. But I know things are going to get better. Thanks again. :)

Shirley Cook - Jumping Jack Glass said...

Congrats to you!! What a wonderful piece this is - can't wait to see it "up close and personal". And you know, of course, the fibers in there are tugging at my heartstrings... ;-)

mairedodd said...

congratulations!! that piece is so incredibly everything - how could they not accept it... what a fabulous collaboration - and what an accomplishment...

Patty said...

Thank you all! We really owe a lot to the ISGB organizers (Sarah!) for giving us an incredibly inspiring and fun theme. The more we learned about the "Bone Goddess", the more we got into it. And it's going to be a*ma*zing seeing all of the pieces together at The Gathering. Did you know that Sally LaGrand's piece (inspired by Mata Hari) has a real spy camera in it? Just blows your mind.


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