Thursday, April 1, 2010

You've Got To Be Kidding Me

A "Find"? Really?

I just read the latest "Etsy Finds", which is a periodic email containing items of note discovered by the Etsy admin team. But this one had me scratching my head.

Since last July this woman has been selling these flower stickers as "Butt Covers for Your Cat and Dog". And she appears to be selling a lot of them. Seriously? Um, if you can't handle the sight of your pet's back end, I'm thinking maybe pet ownership is not something for you. This reminds me of the episode of the Dog Whisperer where a young chihuahua owner was constantly dressing his dog Paris (yes, named after Paris Hilton) in cute little outfits.

But this is too much. "Rear Gear comes in many designs including a disco ball, air freshener, heart, flower, biohazard, smiley face, number one ribbon, cupcake, sheriff's badge, dice". SERIOUSLY?? What kind of self-respecting dog or cat would want to walk around with a smiley face on their ass? Or a freaking #1 ribbon?

If their hiney is seriously too gross to look at, perhaps you should examine their diet, or take them to the groomer.

Sometimes I wonder about Etsy.

Now this, on the other hand, is a find.


mairedodd said...

ok, a bit more insane than this - which i saw at petsmart the other day and caused me to exclaim out loud 'seriously?':

really - you need colorful patterned bags to pick up after your pet? let's add more plastic to the landfills so that when you are carrying that little knotted bag while walking your dog, no one will suspect it might be their poop!

how in the world did you happen upon the stupid stamps?

Mermaid Glass said...

OK, finally, something to beat 'pet couture' at the top of my "Most Stupid and Annoying Things Ever" list. Seriously, people buy these things?

Patty said...

Laurie - it's true, and evidently people have a lot of extra cash on hand since they are buying lots of them. $5 per sticker! The list of designs (just added) is even whack-er.

Perhaps the joke is on us (if this is indeed an April Fool's joke) and the seller is laughing all the way to the bank.

TesoriTrovati said...

That has to be a joke. It just has to! Who would buy such a thing? As if that wouldn't bring more attention to it? Do the people who buy them for their pets buy them for themselves too? Ugh. And I don't think that I will be sporting a toilet paper roll necklace any time soon. This stuff is weird?
Enjoy the day!

Patty said...

Erin, it occurred to me that it might be a joke, but if it is, some Etsy coder spent a lot of time creating fake sales data for that seller. I saw last night in the forums that some folks noticed for a while Etsy had changed the name in their header to "Esty" doubt just to joke around with everyone.

kate mckinnon said...

Patty... it's April Fools day.

Silly fish.

Pearl and Pebble said...

Oh but it couldn't be a joke because the sale history goes way back. I must be a bit odd though because I do think the tp roll is just kookey enough to wear, but then I work at a toy store that specializes in the insane item like squirrel underpants and denture ice cube trays. I have to agree about the butt stickers though-really ridiculous. And why buy a $5 sticker when you could buy a $5 bead????

Patty said...

It's real! It's real! I sent a convo to the shop owner asking if her shop and the product were real, and she said this:

"Yes, my shop does exist, and yes I do make butt covers. I make them, however, as a joke/novelty type product.

Thanks for your inquiry!


Patty said...

Just goes to show you that Etsy has it all, indeed.

Kate said...

That is nuts, and having been a life time pet owner, including dogs and cats I don't see either one of them keeping something like that stuck to their butt for very long, they would make every effort to get it off, I mean who would want to sit on that?

She better be careful though, someone could turn her into PETA. ;)

Patty said...

Kate, and you know what else? My husband brought up another very practical question. How shall I say happens when they have to do their business when one of these is blocking their back door, so to speak? Yikes!!

Pearl and Pebble said...


Johnny Virgil said...

she is very cute, however. Maybe that helps?

Patty said...

Johnny - I thought so too! I guess with looks like that you could sell iceboxes to eskimos (don't I sound like my grandma now?). BTW, I'm anxiously waiting to find out how your Mexico trip ended up!


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