Sunday, May 23, 2010

Edge of My Seat

Friday afternoon was a great day to set sail on the Chardonnay!

It's hard to believe that a girl could live most of her adult life within a stone's throw of two coasts and never have set foot on a sailboat before. Until...Friday, and a generous invitation from a dear friend. Finally, I experienced my first sailboat ride, and I have to tell you, I was....terrified! Holy Batman's Sunday Underwear the harder the wind blew, the more sideways we got, and the more grateful I became for that little raised ledge under my feet I could wedge into so I wouldn't ungracefully slide into the crotch of the nice looking family type guy across the boat from me. How awkward would that be? I'd probably spill my Chardonnay (what else would you feel compelled to drink on this boat?) all over him and his lovely family.

What was interesting to me is that the conditions that make this boat sing are exactly the opposite of those that make our much smaller fishing boat and her occupants happy. What is a smooth, quiet and effortless ride for one boat is the Cold and Wet Ride From Hell in another (trust me) as we return to the protected harbor. On the Chardonnay we hardly got wet, had very few ups and downs, and generally had a great (albeit sideways - this is weird for me) ride. In 25 knot winds!

What made this ride so wonderful was that it was a benefit for the upcoming AIDS ride. Haley Cutter is doing the ride in memory of a dear friend and AIDS activist who was killed in an accident in San Francisco about a year ago, and was able to arrange the sail as a thank you to the donors. If you'd like to support her team, you can donate here. Any amount helps!

The intrepid crew of the Chardonnay let nothing get in the way of the snack delivery.
Note the bare feet.

The Chardonnay gets a little tilty on the loop near the pier.

OK, now I'm off to list some new beads. Have yourself a stellar Monday.


Deb said...

Now this looks like fun, so long as the dreaded crotch sliding is avoided!

I've never been on a sailboat either - every other kind of boat, just not a sailboat. How weird is that?

What a wonderful reward for supporting a great cause :)

Jewelbabe said...

Oh it looks like so much fun! Even though we own a "stink pot" (that's what most sailors call motor boats) I prefer sailing. Lucky you!



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