Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I have such wonderful friends!

Sunday was an incredible day to be at the beach, and I wasn't the only one with that idea. I've been busy getting ready for upcoming shows lately, and haven't gotten out much, and this was the start to a wonderful few days making up for lost time with friends.

It's been a great few days. It started Saturday with a giddy feeling of accomplishment after powerwashing more than a few years' of mildew and moss off of everything (it seems) in our yard. Well, first came the giddiness upon seeing the green flying off of brick, and decks, and then came the dismay upon seeing the green (mixed with muddy brown) newly stuck to other surfaces nearby. What a dirty job! After four hours of that I was pooped, and appeared to be covered in it from head to toe. I'm glad this is not a once a year job. I like it growing in the lawn, truly (I can admit defeat), but it is yucky on the deck and walks and slippery to walk on.

Sunday after a good long walk on the beach I visited my friend Terry who was doing a show nearby. Sadly, Terry and her husband are moving away, but here's the good news - they're moving to Tucson! So, Loma Prieta Pottery will soon be doing business as usual, just from a drier, warmer place. It's been fun doing shows and sharing Etsy tips and stories with Terry, and I'll miss her, but the great news is I'll get to visit in February during the gem show.

Then on Monday I had lunch with my friend Rachel in sunny Santa Cruz, which apparently was besieged by anarchists on Saturday night. The news reports that a bunch of folks got rowdy and then went through downtown smashing a bunch of store windows and such. I guess the FBI is on it now. But it was great to see Rachel, as she's been working very hard on another new project recently. She is the hardest working beadist I know - seriously, that girl is prolific. If you're at all a fan of the seed beads, do check out her new book. If I had the patience or eyesight for the little things I'd be all over it. Rachel's work kicks butt and the book looks incredible.

Then I had the most wonderful surprise when I got home - a package from New Zealand! My friend and fellow bead maker Deb Batten sent me some fun frit to play with, and some fun seeds for the garden. I would send you to her blog but she has recently moved and I guess her blogging tools are still packed away in a box somewhere. ;-) One of these days we have just got to get that girl over here for a US Bead Tour, 'cuz there are lampworkers all over this dang country who are dying to meet her and buy her a drink. This woman is a magician with the Gaffer glass and can teach us all a thing or two.

Tomorrow looks to be yet another brilliant day with a huge heap o'beads from the kiln to clean, a heart pumping hike through the coastal rainforest with my friend Candi, and oh yeah, a hair appointment. Hmm, seems like I should have scheduled lunch or something on Cinco de Mayo instead of hair. Oh well. The week is young.

Stay tuned for some pictures of new beads. If you haven't yet seen or bid on Harold Cooney's spectacular work on eBay , get over there and be prepared to be blown away.


mairedodd said...

what a busy 1/2 week!! productive in so many ways... hmm, a mossy patty - an intriguing vision that has me thinking of forest people! so glad you got to see friends, am going to look at rachel's book... have to google the event in santa cruz... thank you for sharing your life - and your friends!

kate mckinnon said...

I can never grasp how smashing things like shop and car windows strike a blow at the Man. It's just hard on a lot of small shop and car owners.

Have fun on your hike! I'd love to see your area one day.

Patty said...

Maire - I looked just like something that crawled out of a lagoon, for sure. Yuck.

Patty said...

Kate - Two words: Photo Workshop. We have a magical venue up here and would love to have you visit. Perhaps an add-on jewelry class. :-)

John said...

Glad your keeping busy and having fun, and it's good that you have a new bathroom to get all the green "Stuff" off.

keep playing with fire



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