Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well, Bad On Me!

My booth at the Northern California Bead Society Show on Sat., May 15.
I built an overhead lighting system for the show and it worked great!

...insert obligatory apology for not posting here...

So! The Northern California Bead Society show was fun, and I'm so happy that some of my local friends and glassy acquaintances stopped by to say hello! It was nice being next to Lena and Robin, Hayley and Helen (of enVision SF) and Pam (of B0ndi Beads) and Barb (of SierraCatz). Without a doubt Barb gets the prize for the most festive booth and best leverage of a theme. Myself, I glowed with pride for having the most efficient setup I've ever had. Easy peasy, as Jamie Oliver would say.

Robin at her booth with Lena. Where's Lena? Hiding, maybe, or taking the guard dogs for a walk.

Pam's booth (from the back).

Barb's booth. What'd I tell you? Who couldn't smile looking at this festive booth?

As usual I was exhausted after being on my feet (on concrete) for 10 hours, but there was no rest for the weary. My sweetie and I had a wonderful brunch on Sunday at Hobbees (THE best place for breakfast in California), and some playtime with our dog at the reservoir on a gorgeous, warm day.

My sincere apologies to the tourists and their cute toddler who I edited out of the frame.

But after that it was all about the cleaning and cooking, you know the drill. It was a lovely time, and the food turned out great. We had goat cheese and leek tartlets, planked fresh salmon with pesto, marinated and smoked artichokes, and bulghur salad with dried fruit. Oh yes, and one of our guests brought some delicious home made ice cream, rhubarb topping, and baked goods, not to mention some great wine. It was a damned fine meal and a very nice time. I'll miss you Terry and Barnes, but will see you in Tucson in February. Yay for that!

Goat cheese and leek tartlets.

I'm etching beads and taking photos and generally aspiring to be a regular lister on Etsy, and I'm also getting some new jewelry ready for a very cool new event in a couple of weeks. It's a Vintner's Festival with several local wineries and artists at a private estate in Santa Cruz. Details coming soon, but it's June 5 & 6 if you want to come. I guarantee that the wine, art, and surroundings will make your day.


Deb said...

It looks as if a good time was had by all Patty :)

In answer to the last paragraph...I want to come.lol!

Dr.InSectus said...

Damn, that vending setup is fantastic! Would love to see a post on how you put together your lighting setup, genius to bring your own overhead light. I recently vended my first event and lit everything individually via built props, an enormous hassle.

Patty said...

Dr. InSectus - May I call you Doc? Or is it..."In"? Anyway, my setup is not unique, but let me put a little writeup on my to do list. It's totally easy, and several ways to go about it. Yours sounds nice, albeit labor intensive.

Thanks for stopping by! I love your work.



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