Friday, June 4, 2010

Come on In - The Wine is Fine!

Wine tasting building at Rancho Don Bosco.

I'm so excited - today is the set-up day for this weekend's Santa Cruz Mountains Vintner's Festival. The estate where it's being held is just...amazing. A sprinkling of artists will be tucked into the most beautiful spots in the garden, and you can sip and stroll at your leisure. I'll have my latest jewelry, plus a small serving of loose beads.

I normally don't do much "theme" jewelry, but this time I decided to pay homage to the wine in a special way. Thanks to my friend Elena for reminding me of the beautiful connection that lampwork bead makers and vintners share. The beads are made with recycled wine bottles, and are available in two delicious shades of green. The inscription on the bead caps brings it around full circle to include the taster: In Vino Veritas, or, "In Wine, There is Truth".

The generous opening in the cored and capped bead will allow you to wear it on your favorite chain or even a leather cord. In addition to a selection of these I'll have earrings and bracelets in the same theme.


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