Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Simply Charming

It's time to turn beads into jewelry around here, and I'm on a roll. It seems like ages since I've had anything blue in the bracelet department, so I thought I'd use a mix I came up with a while back. Lampwork, some delicious kyanite beads, shimmery blue-grey freshwater pearls, and pressed czech glass leaves. Fortunately I had several of my handmade fine silver chains and clasps pre-made, so all I had to do was wire up the elements, all 46 of them.

When it came time to name this collection of sky blue, grey, and lavender pretties I could come up with nothing but Moody Blues. Seemed to fit.

I've got several sets of these beads (lampwork, gemstones, pearls and leaves) waiting in the wings - would you be interested in some?


Deb said...

This is absolutely beautiful Patty. I was really impressed to read that you have been making your own chains the other day & I have to say that I love them.

That's no surprise though because I have long been a fan of your handmade toggles.
Stunning bracelet...& perfectly named :)

Patty said...

Thank you, Deb! This chain is one that has fascinated me from Day 1, and I can't seem to stop making it. So far I've not tried chainmaille, but I suspect it might be a small leap after this.

mywifesstudio said...

This a awsome piece!


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